Successful Niche Sites

Successful niche sites like Pat Flynn’s have been built from their keywords. Before creating the site, Pat researched keywords and found “security guard training” was a highly searched for term with little competition. These are the key elements to finding a successful niche idea from which to build a site on. See my previous article creating niche sites.

Successful Niche Sites – Keyword Research

Successful niche sites are built on keyword research. As you can see, Pat’s website has his main keyword in the domain name. Google is paying less attention to keywords in the domain name, which in its time was a big factor. However, Pat’s site wasn’t a great success due to one factor alone.successful niche sites

He built a good site and there wasn’t anything like it at the time. As a result it ranked and got linked to. It built authority over time and now it still ranks on Google. Pat’s site is a great example of what successful niche sites should be. Take a look at Pat’s other site and read his story here.

Successful Niche Sites - Traffic

Traffic, or lack of it is probably the main problem for anyone looking to create successful niche sites. Creating a site and ranking it for your main keywords is not that easy any more. Maybe 10 years ago it was fairly simple but today you have millions of websites to compete with. Also Google uses a number of factors to rank a site and focuses more on authority now. This means the domain name has less weight to it, partially due to all the affiliate marketers jumping on the domain name keyword band wagon.


Successful Niche Sites – Organic Traffic

A niche site is built to get free traffic from Google. If it doesn’t rank highly for it’s main keywords, it doesn’t get any traffic. Of course there are other ways to get traffic to your website. You shouldn’t rely on Google alone to bring your visitors and you can also target long tail keywords with your blog. If you only reply on one source of traffic you leave yourself very vulnerable. But free traffic is great. Free traffic keeps on coming. If you can make money from your visitors and those visitors are free, it’s mostly profit if you can monetize.

Monetizing Your Website

How you monetize your site has a great deal to do with how successful it is. Get it wrong and your site won’t make any money. You can monetize with Google’s Adsense or with an affiliate program. With Adsense you need a lot of traffic and with an affiliate program you need the right kind of traffic. The right traffic comes from creating content with your audience in mind. See why is target market important.

successful niche sites

Other Methods Of Building An Online income

Building niche sites takes time and is risky. You may not rank your site on Google. If it ranks it may drop off the search engines results. You can’t guarantee it will work. There are other methods of building an online business which are much more straight forward and which are proven profitable models. Access this video series which will explain how to build your own internet business from scratch.

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