Success through small incremental changes

As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” but it’s taken me a long time to realise that things simply don’t happen overnight and it’s the small daily habits which will grow your business and create your success over the long run.

I’ve always been looking for magic bullets which instantly sky rocket my success through leaps and bounds but I realise that this isn’t always possible. It’s often the small incremental changes, which when applied regularly and often, make the most impact to your life over many years.

With an internet business this rings true especially and here are a few tips to grow your business over time and avoid procrastination, worry and stress in the process:

  • There is always a single, small action which you can do to move your business forwards. It may not completely change your bottom line or create an overnight success, but it can slow the tide of fear, procrastination and doubt which, without action will grow more readily. Find this small daily step and make it a habit to do it continually.
  • Continue with what you are doing and don’t look around for another shiny object which promises faster results.
  • Spend 80% of your time in money producing activities. Avoid over analysing and getting stuck in learning mode. Spend 20% of your time on learning once you have an action plan to follow.
  • Use what the Japanese call kaizen : continuous improvement. Stop procrastinating about things and concentrate on what can be done and how to do it slightly better each day.
  • Keep reading about your topic and becoming better by increasing your knowledge. The limits of your success are determined by your goals and dreams but also by the knowledge of your business. Keep learning and looking into your definitions of success. Only by raising our internal ‘bar’ can we raise our ‘success’ levels and make progress. Your mentality is the key to the limits of your success. (Read The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson).

If you would like to run your own internet business or improve the one you already have I would recommend joining a community of online entrepreneurs like this one the help you grow with your business.

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