Subscription Affiliate Programs

What’s so great about subscription affiliate programs? Instead of selling a single product for a single commission, you can sell a single product for multiple commissions. This is the main reason why it is much better to use subscription affiliate programs, as an affiliate. You get paid every month for sales you have made previously.

Subscription Affiliate Programs

Let’s take an example. Let’s say you choose only to sell a single item, which has no subscriptions attached. You sell it at $100 and earn 40% commission. You make $40.

subscription affiliate programs

With a subcription product worth $100 plus a monthly fee of $20 you earn $40 on the initial sale plus 40% commission on the $20 recurring monthly fee. That’s an extra $8. So on the first sale of this product you make either $40 on the basic item or $48 on the subscription product. Not a huge mark up really, however..

Over time though this income is recurring. Just for making one sale you are earning $8 every month. With each sale you earn $8 per month on top of your basic 40% commission (of $40). After 1000 sales you will earn $8000 a month just in recurring commissions. Now you can see how powerful subscription affiliate programs are. This, of course assumes that all your members stay and continue to pay each month. Some might drop out.

subscription affiliate programs

Over the long term this is very powerful and you can build an income from subscription affilaite programs from sales you have made. Over time these small income trickles compound into larger amounts. This gives an affiliate business much more financial stability.

Subscription Affiliate Programs – High Ticket Programs

Another way to make an internet business more lucrative is to choose high ticket affiliate programs. High ticket programs let you earn higher rates of commission than the standard products. For example, if you choose a $100 product you can earn $40 given a 40% commission rate. For a product worth $1000 you can earn much more. The same level of commission would earn you $400 for the sale of a $1000 item. That’s ten times more than the basic level item, for what in many cases amounts to the same amount of work. 

Let’s imagine your target is to make $10,000 from your affiliate marketing business. You would need to sell 250 of the smaller priced item or just 25 of the high ticket item. Although the higher ticket item may be a little harder to sell than the low ticket item, it won’t be ten times as difficult. This is the key to the success of many of the top affiliate marketers. They choose subscription affiliate programs which also have high ticket products.

subscription affiliate programs

Subscriptions, High Ticket & Back End Sales

Another thing to consider when looking at subscription affiliate programs is whether your affilaite products reward you for any back end sales. Many companies only pay their affiliates for the front end products. This means that once the affiliate has passed the customer on to the product owner (the vendor), the affiliate doesn’t get rewarded for later sales closed by the company.

This means for all your hard work, the product owner is only paying you for the referral and not for the lifetime value of the customer. As with subscription affiliate programs, choosing a program which rewards you again and again from your initial referral can make a massive impact on the success of your business. Avoid programs which pay you little more than a ‘finders’ fee for the customer. This can easily mean your fee as an affiliate is far less than it would cost the company to run an advert itself.

Choose subscription affiliate programs which also offer high ticket products and reward you for back end sales too. Access a program here which offers all of these benefits.

Multi-Tier Commissions

Multi-tier commissions are also a consideration and these let you earn from your referrals. If you place yourself in the top tier of a program, you can earn from the sales of your team. This means your efforts are multiplied if your team do well. You earn commissions based on how well your referrals do. Look at the chart below to see how you can earn with multi-tier commissions.

As you place yourself further up in the business structure, you can earn larger commissions from the higher valued sales. If you place yourself as a Black founder member, for example, you can earn $8000 on a single sale of $20,000. The multi-tier commissions are also earned as your members make sales. Again the potential of this depends on where you position yourself in the business structure.

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Subscription Affiliate Programs

As you can see, subscription affiliate programs offer a lot more earning potential than standard affilaite products. Digital products especially, typically offer much larger commissions than their physical counterparts. So for the largest commissions, ideally you should choose not only subscription affiliate programs but also ones which offer high ticket products, up-sells and multi-level commissions.

There’s another consideration too. Given that many affiliate marketers give up and fail within their first year, it is wise to get the best training and support on offer for your greatest chance of online success. Getting the right education from the outset will give you the best chance for success. In addition, the community available in this business system can give anyone the help and support they need to start an affiliate business from scratch.

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