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Stuart Lichtman’s book is one of the best subconscious mind training pdf resources I have found. Stuart developed a strategy which aligns all parts of the brain to work in coordination to bring about the desired results you want in life. It does require work on your part, of course. Stuart Lichtman was MIT student who developed what he called the Cybernetic Transposition technique. Cybernetic comes from how humans, animals and machines communicate with each other. Transposition comes from the act of transposing something from one form to another. By taking a successful event from your past, you can transpose the part of the brain which sees yourself as a success, in any area, and use that experience to create a new model of success.

Subconscious Mind Training PDF

subconscious mind training pdf

Here’s the basic concept which Stuart Lichman delves into in his subconscious mond training pdf book “How to get lots of money for anything fast“.

  • First you create a target or goal; something you really want to attain or achieve, and which you believe is achievable. You will learn how to ‘flag’ that goal to your subconscious mind with the training exercises in Stuart’s book.

This is done by repetition and deliberate, conscientious creation of your best desired outcome. Most people have at least a whimsical aspiration of what they want in life. This is why they mostly fail. Or, at best, they come up short with a collaboration of different outcomes which are diluted by conflicting intentions.

Two main attracting factors are that which you really want but also that which you expect to get. By focusing your mind to such an extent on your desired outcome, you will train your unconscious mind to focus on the outcome you truly desire, even when you’re not consciously thinking about it.

  • The next step is to resolve any self-defeating, un-conscious habit patterns which prevent you from attaining your desired goal. Our unconscious habit patterns act as a kind of ‘autopilot’ mechanism which keep us safe. Unfortunately, it can also keep us trapped in our limited version of ourselves and our world. Our unconscious habit patterns can sabotage our efforts and stop us from attaining those things we truly desire to have, do and be.

Subconscious Mind Training PDF – Subconscious Mind Power Techniques

Let’s say you have a lofty dream to make a million, for example. But, you are scared to leave your house! The two conflicting desires: 1 to make a million, and: 2 to remain in your comfort zone of your house, will severely limit your ability to achieve your first desire. The stronger compulsion will win over the weaker one.

subconscious mind training pdf

So, as a result, you may find yourself stuck somewhere between the two ideals – striving for success, while holding on to an old limiting behaviour pattern. This sounds extreme, but that’s what we do when we aim for certain goals in life. We want outcomes to make changes for us in life, but we also want to hold on to the security of what we know!

Stuart Lichtman’s basic three step process involves finding a goal which meets all your needs. This isn’t as easy as you might think! One of the main problems with goal setting is knowing what you want! When you can find a goal which meets all your needs, which you truly desire and truly believe is possible, you know it’s a good fit for what you really want.

If you set a goal which you don’t really want, you’re likely to give up before getting started. If you set a goal which you don’t believe is possible, how likely is it that you’ll work hard to attain it? However, if you have a goal which seems beyond your reach, you can use Stuart’s technique to achieve it.

Stuart Lichtman’s Cybernetic Transposition technique has been tested on a group of 50,000 people with an 81% success rate. Yep, 81% of the test group achieved a seemingly impossible goal for them on their first try!

Subconscious Mind Training PDF – Aligning Different Parts Of Your Brain

So what’s a good goal to aim for? How should you write down your goals? What do you really want?

subconscious mind training pdf

Setting your target is one of the most important parts of this process. You need to communicate your goal with all parts of your brain. The right brain organises in terms of arrangement, rhythm and sound. The left brain organises in terms of words and logic. The midbrain communicates in emotions and the brainstem’s language consists of physical stimulus and response.

Unless you can get all parts working in harmony towards your goal, you’ll be very likely to sabotage yourself in one way or another. Have you ever tried really hard at something only to fall at the last hurdle and self sabotage all your best efforts and intentions? That’s your unconscious, self-defeating habit patterns working against you. If you aren’t fully congruent and working in alignment with all parts of your self, you’ll hit an ‘invisible wall’ which stops your progress.

On the other hand, if all parts of your brain are working together, you’ll operate much more efficiently. Your brain parts will work as a ‘team’ and everything will work out much better and with much less struggle.

Access Stuart Lichtman’s Cybernetic Transposition book here.

Subconscious Mind Training PDF – Psycho-Cybernetics

Maxwell Maltz discovered, while working as a plastic surgeon, that some of his patients didn’t bring about the happy life they desired after surgery. Many carried on feeling inadequate and unhappy, even when they changed their undesirable features through plastic surgery. Maltz discovered that this was down to their self image, and not their outward appearance.

By working with his clients, he was able to help people alter their self perception, before any corrective surgery was needed. His book psycho-cybernetics is a must read for anyone looking for a subconscious mind training pdf. The self image is so powerful that it can undermine all outward attempts at change and success. It goes hand in hand with the idea of aligning all parts of the mind and brain. If some parts of yourself are undermining your confidence and self worth, how do you think this will effect those parts striving for success? It’s like driving with your hand break on. You’re effectively fighting with yourself and sabotaging your best efforts from within your own mind!

Reading Maxwell Maltz’s Psycho-cybernetics was a big wake up call for me. I realised that I had been doing exactly that! Despite many opportunities and successes, I didn’t see myself in a good light. I ran in inner dialogue of negativity and self doubt. Everything else was a distraction from this dialogue. By first noticing this dialogue and slowly changing it, I was able to change my self image.

Changing your self image is much more powerful than continually trying to alter your circumstances from the outside. Become the calm centre of the universe you eventually want to manifest, rather than busting your hump doing things which you think will bring about your happiness. Of course it’s possible to do both, if you’re happy in what you are doing. If you’re never happy, no matter what you do, it could be because of a negative self image. Access Mazwell Maltz’s pdf here.

Access Stuart Lichtman’s pdf How To Make Lots Of Money For Anything Fast here.

subconscious mind training pdf

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