Stuck In Dead End Job

Many people feel stuck in a dead end job and whether it’s a short term position which ended up being long term, or whether it’s a career which no longer allows you the freedom you want, it can be equally as frustrating. Whatever your situation is, a ‘dead end’ job feels like being trapped and no longer gives you any satisfaction. You feel compelled to keep going at it because you have become accustomed to your wage and the thought of looking elsewhere seems either completely overwhelming or isn’t realistic.

There’s no time

Looking for another job seems difficult as your time is so swallowed up by your existing job. When you’re not working you’re either swamped by chores, preparing for the next day at work or completely exhausted. Its a vicious circle.

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You’ve no energy

You’re so fed up of doing your job that you are starting to despise it and it drains all your energy. You don’t have any enthusiasm for anything new. Again this stops you from taking any action which could help you escape from the situation.

You’re always broke – job (just under broke)

You live to your means and don’t have any savings. Every month you dip further into your overdraft and you have a mounting debt which never gets paid. A night out at the weekend is the only joy left where you spend the bulk of your wage on relieving yourself of the stressful week you have just had.

How to escape a dead end job

It doesn’t have to be like this and there is a way out although it will take time and effort. Here are a few tactics which you can employ to make an escape plan and find your passion.

  • Start doing a regular job search daily and think about what job you would like to do
  • Set aside some savings each week by setting up a standing order into a separate bank account. It doesn’t have to be much start with a small amount at first and build it up.
  • Cut something out of your spending habits – a daily coffee, a weekly pint or something which you can cope with. Use the money you save to set up your standing order.
  • Look for alternative jobs within your organization and speak to work mates you may help
  • Think about a passion you have or once had which you can take up again.

You can always quit a job but if you rely on the income from it you can become trapped by it. By taking account of your spending and starting to live below your means you can, over time, pay off debt, build some savings and eventually set yourself free. In the meantime you should look for work which suits you better by applying to other jobs and looking at building up a portfolio career.

What is a portfolio career

The age of ‘a job for life’ has long since passed and although in some sectors people can have this, in many cases people will continue to change jobs and have more than one job. A portfolio career is having multiple income streams from various sources. One may be a job, one may be self employment and you can also have income from investments and ownership. This is something Robert Kiyosaki talks about in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad. The key is to have many and not be completely dependent on one source of income.

Get A Plan

Having a bigger plan which is greater than your job and your circumstances will help you to escape from it. If you raise your vision and start setting some goals it will put your job in the context it deserves rather than it being your whole life. With an escape plan in place you will start to feel more optimistic and this will help you escape some of your frustrations.

Focus on Gratitude

Just spending a few minutes each day focusing on what it is you are grateful for in your life has an amazing immediate and long term effect on your life experience.

Stuck In Dead End Job

If your main concern is money you can start building an online business which can eventually replace your existing employment. More and more people are escaping their day jobs and becoming online entrepreneurs full time and part time, around their existing jobs or in place of it. Learn how to build an internet business from scratch here.

Get a job which applies the principle of leverage to your income

Leverage means you can multiple your efforts through some means and get more for your individual set of work than you would in the traditional fashion. For example if you work from someone you are their leverage. Your existence in their company allows them to increase their effect in the world through your efforts. You don’t need to build a big company to apply the principle of leverage. The internet allows anyone to benefit from systems, software and tools which multiplies their efforts on a global scale, allowing them to have more time freedom and still earn more than in many careers.

Learn how you can benefit from the power of leverage through building your own internet business.

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