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Are you looking for the Stuart Lichtman PDF How To Get Lots Of Money For Anything Fast? Stuart Lichtman developed what he calls the Cybernetic Transposition Technique. It’s a strategy to get whatever you really want by delving into the unconscious belief system and aligning all parts of the brain to work together. 

stuart lichtman pdfstuart lichtman pdf

Most people go about life struggling between their various unconscious beliefs. They want one thing but another conflicting desire or belief holds them back from attaining it. 

Stuart Lichtman developed a system to remove unconscious success “blockers” and align the conscious part of the brain with the unconscious. When all parts of the brain are synchronised, things work out much more quickly and easily. Hence: How To Get Lots Of Money For Anything Fast. This requires a fair amount of work on your part, of course. After all, you didn’t think this would be easy did you?!

Stuart Lichtman PDF – Cybernetic Transposition

I was lucky enough to find Stuart Lichtman’s pdf book a while back. It’s a long read but well worth your time. There’s plenty to do too, which is the point of the book. It’s not a book you just sit back and read. After all, it’s called “How To Get Lots Of Money For Anything Fast”! I’ve been a compulsive self help book reader for as long as I can remember. What’s different about this book is that it’s been tested on a group of 50,000 people with an 81% success rate. Yep, 81% of the test group achieved a seemingly impossible goal on the first try.

stuart lichtman pdf

All you need is a successful memory from something you’ve done in your past. Cybernetic Transposition is the method of using this success ‘story’ and transferring it to another goal. This is done by successfully communicating ideas to the parts of the brain which can ‘speak’ to the unconscious mind. It also involves whole brain harmonising which puts all parts of your brain to the task at hand.

Stuart Lichtman PDF – What Most People Do

Most people carry around conflicting desires and outcomes. They want this, but they focus on that! They want to get fit, but their conflicting desires of wanting to eat more, and exercise less take priority. The

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same can be said for any aspect of human achievement.

We want more money, but don’t know how to get it, or, aren’t motivated enough to do the things which mean having more money. If either of these sounds like you, this is definitely the book for you! The Cybernetic Transposition technique doesn’t just have to be aboutmoney. You can use it to create anything you truly want in your life.

Stuart Lichtman PDF – What Do You Truly Want?

The big question is what do you truly want? Not everyone knows exactly what they want. Their conflicting desires usually counteract many of their deep desires, so they get something in between. They don’t truly ‘go for it’ in life because they believe they aren’t worth it, or that it will be too difficult to attain. Even if you do know exactly what you want, conflicting impulses and agendas may stand in the way of you getting it. You may swerve off course because of some limiting belief or hidden agenda in your subconscious mind.

Knowing what you want is a good start though and Stuart Lichtman’s PDF “How To Get Lots Of Money For Anything Fast” will help you get it.

stuart lichtman pdf

Part of the work to do is designing a script which you will use repeatedly to talk directly to your unconscious mind. If you’ve ever done affirmations you’ll know how powerful they can be. Affirmations can be directly used to counteract negative beliefs which we unconsciously use repeatedly, and which affect our unconscious mind negatively. See Autosuggestion – What is autosuggestion.

Most of us have a background chatter which continually talks to us – our ‘inner’ dialogue. Our unconscious mind listens attentively to this ‘chatter’ and will deliver the results in your life appropriately to your most deeply help beliefs and thoughts which are expressed through this dialogue.

Stuart Lichtman Pdf – How Badly Do You Want It?

Not everyone wants the same things either in life. And not everyone is prepared to walk over other people to get it! The way you get to your goals can be just as important as the goals themselves, if not more so. That’s why it’s not only important to look carefully at your goals and desires, but also open yourself up to better things happening too.

stuart lichtman

This is why you’ll be putting in ‘insurance policy’ statements into your affirmations. This could be something like “This or something better will occur in ways that are for the greatest good for me and everyone else involved”. This is an insurance policy which states that you’re not so focused on the route of your goals as to miss an important opportunity which may be easier, more enjoyable and more rewarding.

Some of your goals will change over time too. It’s important not to cling too desperately to your goals if they aren’t what you really want, or if they change or something better comes along. That’s something you’ll learn in the Stuart Lichtman PDF.

How Attainable Is It For You?

You might even find you really want something else once you’ve done the exercises in this book. Or, it could be something slightly different. By being open to this possibility, you allow things to transpire in alignment with your highest intentions, within your levels of belief and an achievable difficulty level.

stuart lichtman pdf

These elements are very important as you will see. If you want something which you don’t believe is possible for you, you won’t be very motivated to achieve it. If you believe something is achievable for you, but you don’t really want it, again you’ll sabotage your efforts or give up before you begin.

You need to find something suitable for you, which is highly desirable and within a reasonable difficulty level for you. Once you find that goal or target, you’ll know instinctively that it’s right for you. As you delve into your goals, you’ll ‘tweek’ them appropriately and get more and more clear on what it is you really want.

This work is absolutely necessary if you want to achieve a difficult goal of some kind.

Access Stuart Lichtman’s PDF eBook here.

stuart lichtman pdf

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