Strategic Marketing Ebook

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strategic marketing ebook

strategic marketing ebook

Strategic Marketing Ebook – What is Strategic Marketing?

Well it’s simply having a marketing strategy and in my ebook I am going to go a bit more in depth about it. Specifically it’s going to be about online marketing and using online marketing to make a massive difference to your business. The power of online marketing is in direct response marketing. Direct response means that an advert has a direct response from the reader. Either they ‘click’ on your advert or they don’t. Either they ‘click’ on your advert or they don’t. Once they reach your landing page, they either sign up to your email list, or they click away. Every stage of advertising in direct response marketing can be tested and measured for optimum performance.

Strategic Marketing Ebook – The Power Of Pay Per Click

strategic marketing ebook

Pay per click advertising means exactly that. You only pay when someone clicks on your advert. By ‘tweeking’ your advert and using the best keywords to target your audience, you can optimize both the advert and landing page for the best outcome. This takes time and your ‘perfect’ campaign doesn’t happen overnight. You must test and measure every element of a pay per click advertising campaign. Once you have cross tested adverts with other similar adverts you can determine which one works the best.

Strategic Marketing Ebook – Why Cross Testing Is Necessary

Many marketers try pay per click and give up. The reason is they expect it to work straight away. Pay per click is powerful when you test it and measure it but also by using cross testing to find the best possible advert. Your advert might not work straight away. Once you have created an advert you need to create another similar one but with one small change. By doing this again and again with many adverts you can begin to see which adverts have the best impact. The same can be done with all elements of your campaign:

  • Adverts
  • Keywords,
  • Landing pages
  • Emails

Strategic Marketing Ebook – Landing Pages

strategic Marketing Ebook

You should have a landing page on your website. That is, a page specifically made to capture your visitors email. A visitor on your site is very unlikely to turn into a buyer. Only a very small percentage of first time visits turn into sales. Once you have your customers email you can build a relationship with them over months years and decades. The chances of making a sale dramatically increase. Much like your adverts, you should also test your landing page for optimum success. A landing page which is too cluttered and offers too many options for your visitor is confusing. Make it simple and direct your visitors to the email sign up, making that the only reason of the page. Opt in or go away!


The keywords you use for your pay per click campaign are important. But what is also important is the click through rate. A good click through rate signal to Google that your ad is relevant and you get a better rating. This is why it is a good idea to use the same keywords in your campaign advert as you do for your search query. This improves the click through rate and relevancy. Your landing page should also be congruent with these keywords and the advert.

Choosing less competitive keywords can also save you money. Highly competitive keywords will cost more because there are many marketers competing with you. You can find less competitive keywords with Google’s keyword planner.

Strategic Marketing Ebook – Offline Marketing

Offline marketing can and should be used in the same way as online. Make sure you can test and measure each advert you place. Whether it is in a newspaper, magazine or on the radio or TV. You can do this by either linking to a specific page on your website which is made especially for this campaign, or having some code which you can measure.

Whatever you do, make sure you know where your leads are coming from. That way you will know whether a particular advertising campaign is working or not. If a campaign doesn’t work simply shut it down – or retest with a different strategy. If a strategy works, cross test it until it proves itself. Then scale it upwards with a larger budget.

Strategic Marketing Ebook – The Power Of Facebook

strategic marketing ebook

Facebook is a remarkable platform for advertising. You can target, very specifically, the kind of people who suit your product or service. All the information which people fill out on their Facebook profile can be used by advertisers to target them for products which are most suitable. People can also be excluded from advertising if they are unsuitable. Advertisers can target things like age, sex, marital status, employment status, connections and interests. They can also target geographical location which is ideal for local businesses. The ability to pin-point a demographic lets advertisers save a huge amount of money and reach a global audience in a very cost effective way.


Facebook also lets you place a piece of code on your website which records whether someone has visited your site and taken a certain action. You can then target people who have left your website for a more specific advert. Having had a number of people visit your website you can use the Facebook pixel (a code placed on your website), to target those people who didn’t follow through and either purchase or sign up on your website. You can then target those people specifically through Facebook and advertise to them directly. Have ever left a site like e-bay or Amazon and then noticed the same item pop up on your Facebook account? That’s retargeting. It’s a scary form of surveillance advertising but it’s great for advertisers.

Custom Audiences

Once enough people have done this on your site you can create a custom audience. A custom audience could be everyone who has visited your webpage, for example. Or it could be everyone who visited a product and didn’t buy. You can then target an advert to this group of people.

Lookalike Audience

Once you have a custom audience, you can create a lookalike audience. This is an audience based on a number of criteria which makes them similar in some way to your custom audience. People who have similar interests, age ranges or job descriptions, for example, may also be interested in your products and services. This is very powerful because you can find new customers on Facebook simply because they share some of the characteristics of your existing or potential customers.

Testing And Measuring – Strategic Direct Response Marketing

Be careful when starting a marketing plan and start with a budget you can afford to lose. Don’t expect to get your adverts perfect from the start. It can take a lot of testing and measuring before you find a profitable campaign. Once you do you can scale up. Make sure your target audience is large enough to do so!

Once you find a profitable campaign which works you can continue to run it over and over without really having to do very much. You can then turn your attention to other marketing platforms and do the same again. Having a few streams of traffic to your landing page means you are not at the whim of anyone of them should something go wrong. Many online marketers have been shut down in the middle of their profitable campaigns. Facebook and Adwords have shut down many marketers for not following their advertising guidelines so make sure you are familiar with them before you start.

See Facebook advertising policies here.

See Adwords advertising policies here.

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