Startup Ideas 2018

Looking for startup ideas 2018? The best startup ideas use the internet to deliver products around the globe. This is probably one of the best business models because of the internet. Not using the internet for a startup business, is short sighted to say the least. This is because the internet immediately connects you with a worldwide audience.  I don’t know why anyone would startup a new business without considering this. Think about the technology at your fingertips. You just need to learn how to use it.

Startup Ideas 2018

startup business ideas 2018

So what business models allow you to sell to a global audience? Anyone can start selling globally through ebay, for example. Simply set up a profile and hey presto, you’re in business. But there’s a few problems with that business model. You have a lot of competition, you need to bulk buy to compete with any of the ‘big boys’ and you have the issues with storage and postage.

I earned money with ebay for a while. I’m not saying there aren’t good methods to create a startup with ebay, there are, just that I found something else which was much better. I even share a method I used to make money on ebay. Check out my article how to start a profitable ebay business.

But the problem with that model is that it isn’t scalable. I didn’t know it back then, but a scalable model is far better.

Startup Ideas 2018 – A Scalable Business

startup ideas 2018

My ebay business idea was time heavy. There was no way to completely automate it either. With the internet, we have automation. If you can build a business model which was perfect, it could ideally run by itself once everything was in place. That’s he scalable and automated business model which is being used by all these so called lifestyle entrepreneurs.

Two methods of building a scalable business online are drop shipping and affiliate marketing. Both involve automation and the ability to scale to a global audience. If you’re serious about a business which gives you both income and freedom, you need automation and scalability. The best scalable businesses cater to a global audience. Digital products and drop shipping companies both allow you to set up a website and directe web traffic to it to sell products. Product delivery is fulfilled by either the affiliate vendor or a drop shipping company.

This makes your business flexible in terms of where you operate from. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection.

Affiliate Marketing

startup ideas 2018

In some ways affiliate marketing is the perfect business model. It allows you to sell other people’s products over the internet. Digital products can be downloaded instantly, or accessed through a website online. This makes it one of the most versatile business models available.

You can work it from anywhere and you have an instant global audience. This makes it very scalable and because you have nothing to send out through a postal service, your costs are much lower. This means the savings can be passed on the the affiliate marketers who typically earn 40% commissions on digital products.

Drop Shipping

startup ideas 2018

Drop shipping is a similar scenario except you are delivering actual physcial products. Except, you’re not. You personally don’t have to deal with the orders and delivery. You simply send targeted website trafffic to the drop shipping ompany who tracks your orders and deals with any customers. You’re effectively a ‘middle man’ as in the case of affiliate marketing. Orders attributed to you are tracked and you receive a commission based on the orders you generate.

Both models of affiliate marketing and drop shipping require you to be a good online marketer.

Learning Online Marketing

As such, learning online marketing is probably one of the most important skills for the future. If you can target specific people or groups of people online, you can master the art of online selling. Once you have done this you can effectively “write your own (very large) cheque”.

startup ideas 2018

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