Starting a lifestyle business

If you’re thinking of starting a lifestyle business there’s a few things to consider such as what a lifestyle business means to you. This will be different for everybody. For some it means being able to travel and work from a laptop anywhere in the world; for others it means to spend more time on their passion, with their family, or simply living without stress and strain in more comfortable surroundings. What is a lifestyle business to you?

An internet based business

An internet based business ticks all the boxes for many people because it allows the time and financial freedom to focus on a passion, quit a job you dislike, spend more time with family and simply relax and enjoy life without the constant stress of over working or the fear of being stretched financially. All this being said it is still a business and requires regular input from you in order to make it succeed.

What is required when starting a lifestyle business?

Initially, when starting any business you will be required to learn a few new skills. With an internet based business you already have the ‘lifestyle’ part factored in. You choose when and where you work on your business, how much effort, time and money you put into your business. No business grows without training, effort, time and money! In order to reap the rewards of your efforts you will need consistently give time to your business over a considerable length of time.

This is different for everyone and if you can only put in an hour a day and £100 a month, your results will be considerably different to someone who puts in 5 hours a day and £1000 a month. Of course this is relative to knowledge which will take time to acquire. For some, their 1 hour a day can be massively more productive than the person who wastes their 5 hours! And the £1000 a month can be foolishly spent and the £100 spent wisely! The difference is in knowing how to best spend your time on the most beneficial money producing activities. Knowing what these activities are is vital so as not to waste your time! Start here with this video series.


Basic first steps for your lifestyle business

1. Training – Whenever you start something new you need the right knowledge before you can begin. Paying for this knowledge is often dearer in the short term but cheaper in the long term since incorrect knowledge can lead you down the wrong path and it can take much longer to reach your goal. Find a Mentor who will keep you on the right track and show you the quickest way to success. Here’s my mentors.

2. Get Started – Once you have done some training you will want to get started and get some results as soon as possible in order to motivate you to continue. Making your first online sale is quite a hit. However, don’t expect miracles straight away. Make a note of your daily activity before looking for results. Keep focused and moving forwards and spend some time working on your business each day.

3. Persevere – The statistics show that many online marketers and would-be affiliates give up before they really start to generate any tangible results. Those that stay the course have made massive success for themselves. Don’t give up just reassess and make sure your daily activities are in line with your longer term goals.

4. Set Goals – It’s hard to achieve anything unless you have a tangible goal to aim for. Start with something small and easily achievable – something which you really want but is also believable for you. As you achieve the little steps you can become more confident at setting larger goals and achieving them. Don’t set goals which you don’t believe as you won’t be motivated to achieve them. Equally, don’t set goals which are too easy and you’re not really bothered about. See this article on the amazing power of your intent.

Remember also to include things in your lifestyle business which are most important to you and make time for them. It can be all too easy to neglect real life and get stuck in only working on your business. Make sure to take time out and use your business for making the rest of your life better, rather than by completely replacing it!

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