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Ready to start affiliate marketing business? If so you’re probably already aware of what a successful affiliate marketing business can do for you. Affiliate marketers who have learned how to make regular and consistent profits from the internet, can take advantage of many of the benefits:

  • Largely automating much of the process – See autopilot money making system.
  • Building multiple income streams from your laptop. See best second source of income.
  • Enjoying working for yourself without a boss
  • Choosing your own hours
  • Being free from a daily commute
  • Having a flexible lifestyle

See also affiliate marketing for dummies.

Start Affiliate Marketing Business

You can benefit from these perks too! Start today by getting the right education from the outset and save yourself a load of wasted time. I spent several years on various systems and strategies before I was party to the information you can access here. Get immediate access to an education platform which gives you the best knowledge and information and access a community of like minded people to give your business the best start possible. Start affiliate marketing business here.


start affliiate marketing business

Start Affiliate Marketing Business – High Ticket Offers

Many affiliate start out desperately trying to sell an online digital product. It’s a great thing when it happens. You can be fast asleep when you make your first online sale! There’s nothing quite like checking your email to find you have sold a digital product online and made a commission! The thing is though, if you sell a $100 product online you can make a commission of $50.

You will need to make a lot of sales for this to replace your existing employment. It is the affiliate marketing model you use which will determine how successful you can be. See best revenue models for websites. Selling a product with a high ticket commission means you can make $1000+ from an individual sale. In addition, by selling memberships and products with a built in sales team, you don’t have to personally close the sale.

start affiliate marketing business

Start Affiliate Marketing Business – What’s Involved?

As an affiliate marketing your ‘job’ is to sell affiliate products online. However, it’s not like a typical ‘salesman’ type of job. Affiliates create articles, videos and content. They also create adverts and target specific likely customers to specific products. All of this can be learned by anyone and no specific knowledge is needed.


The training you get as an affiliate marketer will in large part determine whether you will be successful or not. Ultimately though, that is up to you! Getting the right training from the start will save you a lot of time and effort. I tried several different strategies online before finding the Six Figure Mentors. At this point I had been working online attempting an affiliate marketing path for a few years already. I soon learned that I was spending my time as a ‘busy fool’ and had already learned many skills which were unnecessary.

The Basics

A good understanding of the basics in affiliate marketing is vital. You don’t need to know many things now simply because new software has made it much easier to build an affiliate marketing business. Some of the things I learned which are now completely unnecessary are:

  • Building a website from scratch – you can access a ‘plug and play’ website with this course
  • Creating tonnes of content – you can sell affiliate product without even having a website, just from a simple advert.
  • Building e-book covers and creating your own products – Simply promote other people’s affiliate products instead.
  • Building landing pages from scratch – Use software with pre-made landing pages
  • Creating a series of emails to send to your list – Pre-created proven email series available with this course.

There’s still a lot to learn when starting an affiliate marketing business from scratch. By concentrating on the most important aspects of building an affiliate marketing business and ignoring the rest, you can achieve more in less time.

What you will learn

The main things you will learn on this course are:

  • Setting up a website
  • Setting up an auto-responder – A real ‘key’ to successful online marketing
  • Creating content- video content/article marketing/advertising content
  • Advertising affiliate products using various online platforms

start affiliate marketing business

Do You Need a Website For Affiliate Marketing?

Although you don’t need a website to be successful as an affiliate marketer, it is useful to have one for many reasons. You can however simply use paid advertising to send customers to products and services. Creating a successful advertising campaign to send the right targeted visitors to a landing page is one of the best strategies which successful online entrepreneurs use.

Having a website and building content can mean you:

  • Can rank your content on Google’s free organic search engine and get found by your potential customers
  • Can build content and sell affiliate products through your website
  • Can save money on advertising costs
  • Can collect subscribers emails through your website

Paid Advertising

A good strategy for selling affiliate products without a website is to use ‘paid for’ advertising. This is more expensive than using a website and creating content but it can work much faster.

A simple but effective advertising strategy to use without a website involves:

  • Creating an advert which can be scaled up (this means your potential audience needs o be big enough)
  • Sending people to a landing page where their emails are collected
  • Sending them a series of pre-created emails
  • Promoting products through these emails.

When a profitable model is found through experimenting and testing with various products and audiences, the advertising campaign can be scaled up.

Longevity in Your Products

Again, this model works better with high ticket items, membership products, built in sales teams and up-sell products and services. Trying to find 1000 customers for a $100 product is much harder than selling and offering value to existing customers. By using products and services which give the best possible value, and looking after existing customers, you can make sales and commissions for years to come from those same happy customers.

Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business Today

Before you start your affiliate marketing business make sure the business model is the right one. Selling a ‘one off’ affiliate product is a great thing but can be a  short lived ‘thrill’. With the wrong model you can be barking up the wrong tree for years and not make any headway in your affiliate business. Here’s a quick reminder as to what the best affiliate models should have:

  • High ticket products – high ticket products mean high ticket commissions. This means you can offset advertising budgets and training much more quickly and generate profit from a single sale.
  • Up selling – Promoting products and services to existing customers is a better strategy than continually chasing new customers.
  • Built in Sales Team – Having a team of people built in to your affiliate business means you don’t have to personally close the sales and can concentrate on promoting your content online.
  • Memberships – Selling memberships’ rather than a ‘one off’ sale, means you can benefit from regular commissions from each sale, rather than random sales. Repeat custom means you’re not forever chasing new buyers but giving value to existing customers.

Access FREE Trial of this online business platform today and give yourself the best start with your affiliate marketing business.

start affiliate marketing business


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