Split testing your advertising and tracking

If you are using a form of advertising on the internet such as Facebook or Google’s  Adwords it is important to split test them in order to lower your advertising spend per conversion in the long term. You can do this by creating two similar adverts which target the same demographic but with one variable which is different. Track your leads or conversions with ad tracking and if one of your adverts is performing better, pause the other one and split test again by creating another advert which is similar to your best performing advert but with another single variable which is different.

For example let’s say you create an advert which targets people who are interested in fitness in the UK between the ages 35-45. Your advert title reads : “Get fit for the summer with this 1 weight loss tip” and the advert clicks through to your website or product. To split test it you simply need to create the same advert targeting the same demographic and with a different title: “Lose weight fast with this 1 weight loss tip”. You could have the same title also and change the age range for example. This would tell you which single variable performs better over a certain period. You should run your advert long enough and get enough clicks to give a true reading.

By doing this several times you will learn how to create the best performing advert for your product. You can continue to split test and each time look at a different variable until all variables are covered. Once you have done this you can continue to ‘fine tune’ your advert by split testing again with a slightly different title, over different demographics and in different areas etc. Make sure you are tracking which advert produces the best results (sales/conversions) as well as the most clicks through to your website.

Facebook automatically detects your best performing advert out of your chosen pictures within a campaign and gives it a preference over the others. The problem here is that you cannot effectively split test and see results for yourself (within the same campaign) so you will need to create separate adverts in order to test them effectively for yourself.

Tracking your adverts

If you have many adverts set up bringing in customers from different sources then it is important to track where they are coming from so that you can optimize your time and also the websites which are producing the best results. Keeping a track on where your customers are coming from allows you to clearly see which campaigns are working and which ones are not – or which ones are producing the best results. You can then target your best performers and delete the ones which are not working. Your cost per conversion is therefore cheaper the more you do this. By tracking and split testing effectively you are reducing your cost of advertising in the long run.

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