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If you’re looking for small businesses for sale uk here is an opportunity to buy into a ‘franchise’ at a very low price. Franchises typically involve a huge layout of capital and this is where this opportunity differs. With The Six Figure Mentors you have the opportunity to sell products which have a value of up to $20,000 and earn high commissions based on those sales. Learn more here.

But rather than a standing franchise price which you would pay to purchase a franchise store, there are various levels of buy-in which range from under $500 to $20,000. Buying in at a higher level allows you to make 40% commissions on the higher value products. The more you invest the more you can make on each individual sale. However you can still buy in at a lower level and make high ticket commissions. 

The business model is a successful mixture of affiliate marketing and network marketing or multi-level marketing. However, unlike many network marketing companies you don’t have to do the hard sell and can simply send people to pages on the internet which have a built in sales team at the back of it. Your job as an affiliate is simply to send people to these pages which have a high value product and successful sales team already running behind them.

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Many small businesses in the UK or anywhere seldom have the flexibility offered by affiliate marketing. What is affiliate marketing? Simply put affiliate marketing is a successful business model which thousands of people are already swapping their full time jobs for in order to be completely self sufficient and geographically flexible.  What works with this small business in particular is the ability to make large commissions on each sale rather than the usual small commissions as offered by most affiliate companies.

Another benefit of the affiliate marketing model is that the business is scalable which means that once you have a successful campaign promoting your product you can simply increase your ad spend and send more people through your sales funnel. What is a sales funnel? You will be shown how to build your own sales funnel to automatically send information to the people accessing your email list. Building a successful sales funnel is one of the main strategies which successful online marketers use to build huge income streams.

Scaling an online business is possible because all the sales process is in place and automated before you send anyone to it. If you can spend only half of what you make by advertising and it is a successful campaign, you simply increase your advertising spend and send more targeted visitors through the sales funnel, starting off with a small budget you can eventually increase it over time.

Don’t know anything about affiliate marketing? 

Don’t worry if you no nothing about affiliate marketing. Just by learning a few key skills you can put together a fully automated sales funnel of your own in a short space of time. Much of what used to be a monumental task on the internet can now be done with a few clicks of a mouse. Building websites for example is not the task it used to be and you can have your own affiliate website up and running in a very short space of time. Click to link below to learn how:

Start your own small business working only from your laptop or home computer selling high ticket products. 

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