Six Figure Mentors Scam

Do the Six Figure Mentors Scam people out of their money, or are they providing a legitimate and valuable service?

For the people who are making a living from the Six Figure Mentors this cannot be true. However if you have entered into The Six Figure Mentors program with the idea that it is a quick fix and a route to easy money you may be deluding yourself.

The Six Figure Mentors doesn’t promise a fast track to riches. On the contrary it takes determination and hard work and a strong mental attitude to succeed with the principles and techniques laid out in the course. This is the route for many internet marketers, but made simple and laid out in a community with help at hand. Treading the path of an internet marketer or affiliate alone can be a long and tiresome journey. The Six Figure Mentors have made it easier and are offering a training course to help people who want to make a full time income from the internet. There is of course a price attached to that but if you don’t want to pay it you can go it alone and work it out for yourself. Lots of luck but I had been doing this for years with few results and since joining the SFM I have made huge progress with my online business.


a dishonest scheme; a fraud.

“an insurance scam”

I am slightly biased being a member of the SFM and I have made commissions from them from selling their products. However, I have worked through their modules and been to training events. I have learned the material and continue to do so. If you are not willing to do any of this then you should save your money. There are plenty of cheaper ‘systems’ and ‘get rich quick schemes’ out there to choose from. This is not one of those.
I have bought many online courses promising to teach how to make money online. They have all offered something which I have taken into the larger picture, some more than others. But the SFM is the first one where I have actually met people in person and met the founders of the company. They turn up time and time again for their members.
Scammers don’t do this. They operate under the radar and move on when the going gets tough!
In April 2013 Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross, founders of The Six Figure Mentors were offered a 7 figure buyout of their company. They turned it down.
Here is a picture of me with Jay Kubassek at an SFM meeting in London in 2014.
With Jay Kubassek on Momentum day
The Six Figure Mentors provide the training, software, expertise and encouragement to allow anyone to join their community. However it is not for everyone. If you are expecting a ‘push button’ money machine you won’t get it. There are plenty of success stories from SFM but none of them came with an entitlement attitude. They all worked their arses off! There are only so many webinars, seminars and coaching sessions that can be offered. In the end it comes down to following a proven system and working hard every day for a long time on your business.
Working smart and working hard are not mutually exclusive. You need both with a business like this. If you have ever built a business from the ground up you will know that it doesn’t just come down to building a website and waiting for the phone to ring. This is no different. Don’t look for your results before you have put the work in.
There are various ways to make The Six Figure Mentors work for you. Many have achieved it through creating adverts and building their list of subscribers. If you are on a tight budget, it is a longer road and you will need to create more content to drive traffic. You can of course do both. The products are provided for you as is much of the sales copy and content. Your job is to find the customers. You are effectively an affiliate marketer. If you don’t know how to do this – the training is provided.
Because The Six Figure Mentors offers high ticket products, this makes advertising a much more viable option than for many smaller value items which you can sell on the internet. Before you commit to this business you need to ask yourself how much you can really afford. If you are way over budget just purchasing the membership of $297 and $97 a month, it might not be for you. You will need to also have an advertising budget ideally too, or be willing to take a longer view of your business, if you don’t, by creating content on a regular basis.
There is a lot to learn about marketing on the internet. Simply writing a blog once week won’t get you much traffic or any sales. When I started out I built several websites and sat back waiting for the money to roll in. I was following a course which taught a specific technique. By the time I realized that it didn’t work I had spent months working on these websites. The ‘system’ was based on Google and ranking my poor quality sites to sell affiliate products. Of course Google didn’t like my sites so didn’t rank them. Building a list is the best way to guarantee your own traffic on the internet, and that’s what the SFM teach you to do.
You can be an affiliate without the SFM of course. Simply find products to sell and promote them on the internet. What the SFM offers which is unique though, is their high ticket products which offer you the ability to make higher commissions than you would say, advertising a $100 product and making $50 on a sale. You can also add your own value to what you do – and this is true of any business. I would also say the community is a vital resource to achieve any lasting success in this way, simply because it can be a lonely path to tread on the internet and having some like minded people to connect with is a great resource when you are struggling.
This will allow you to see what you are entering into and try it out for yourself. You can see the back office and access a personal coach. See these links for more details on The Six Figure Mentors cost, or The Six Figure Mentors compensation plan or The Six Figure Mentors Elite membership.

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