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The Six Figure Mentors offer an Elite membership solution which offers much more than ordinary SFM membership

I came to the Six figure mentors after deciding that I needed to generate more income. I was unhappy doing contract work, being away from home and never knowing where or when the next job was coming from. I couldn’t plan anything and was afraid to go away in case I missed work, should it have come up. I was constantly worried and needed a solution. I tried a few jobs but was missing the bigger contract stuff when it came up.

I had sold stuff through ebay and made a few affiliate sales but my affiliate business was not going very well. I had lost hope and it wasn’t until I found the SFM that I really took stock of what I had found. I was ideally wanting an online career which offered complete flexibility around my other income streams. I began to realize that this was a huge potential in itself, and the SFM made me realize this. What I wanted was a business with:

  • No geographical ties – work wherever you are with a laptop and internet connection
  • International reach – where sales are not limited to a geographical area
  • Low overheads – start with a laptop and internet connection
  • No staff or customers to deal with
  • Automated online processes – not having to man the computer constantly
  • Not having to deal with people on the phone
  • High income potential
  • Leveraging your time and not trading time for money
  • Mentors and community of like minded people to assist
  • More time to make better choices
  • More time doing the things I choose rather than feel ‘obligated’

If you can relate to any of this whether from a time freedom point of view or if you want to leverage the internet to generate a greater income, read on. I was (I though) an experienced affiliate, however what I have learned since joining the SFM has opened my eyes to what is possible with the internet.

This is the Six Figure Mentors Elite Marketing Mentorship Program

The Mission – To guide, advise and mentor entrepreneurs on how to leverage the internet and earn more income, improve their lifestyle and gain more freedom for the long term!


The daunting task of learning to build your own online business from scratch, or even from already knowing a great deal, can still be a huge task. With professional ongoing training and guidance, and a community of people to support and advise, building your online income doesn’t have to be so difficult.

The SFM will teach you the core components and best practices which are used by the very best  online entrepreneurs to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time. The Six Figure Mentors Elite Master Mind with Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek is designed to help the newbie to make a significant shift from struggling online to becoming a successful online entrepreneur, equipping them with the tools, strategies and mindsets to significantly change their online experience for the better. The systems, training and support offered by the Six Figure Mentors Elite program allows this to happen in the shortest possible time.

Inside the SFM Back office

back office

The Six Figure Mentors Elite Membership is designed for anyone wanting to either get started online or improve their results, and allows anyone to start making commissions on large ticket items, earn residual monthly commissions, and earn affiliate commissions on a variety of online digital products. You earn while you learn and are supported by ongoing webinars, cutting edge back office software, training and a community and network of other members who support, motivate and help each other. In addition there are also seminars held around the world which are highly recommended.

Benefits of SFM Elite Membership

  1. Access to your own push button websites via the back office (Digital Business Lounge) and marketing system.
  2. Custom Domain Feature – Use your own domain names
  3. Access to Lead Capture Pages – Custom made landing page creation tool
  4. Multiple website themes to choose from when building your push button website
  5. Full access to tools training and resources in the SFM back office ( a daily resource for most members of SFM)
  6. Call archive for elite training webinars – access all previous training and webinars
  7. Bonus Elite coaching course: provides you with training on video marketing, income business model for a 7 figure income, explosive conversion strategies, traffic secrets of a £2m business, long term wealth from the information publishing business.
  8. Past events, webinars and seminar footage.
  9. Business coaching calls – access to training and online coaching courses with Elite coaches
  10. Personal Skype training with screen sharing one-on-one
  11. High ticket affiliate commissions on $1000 products (50% typical)
  12. Yearly Elite commissions on $1000 plus monthly residual membership commissions
  13. Live Mastermind training from the founders Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek
  14. Autopilot commissions potential from monthly memberships and referrals
  15. Access to other members and community for assistance
  16. Support page through back office available: Monday through Friday 9am – 5pm BST, 4am – 12pm EDT.
  17. Telephone support through back office

Access the SFM digital business system here.

 The Six Figure Mentors Elite Program

A proven and respected internet marketing training platform which has the intention of making many more six figure internet entrepreneurs over the coming few months and years. Will you be one of them?

The Six Figure Mentors Elite program will cost you $2000 to join or, if you pay on a monthly basis, $200 a month.

Payment plans are subject to availability and prices are correct at the time of writing. Check details when purchasing.


How about the thought of earning $1000 on an Elite sale? Commission is paid at 50% of the $2000 sale price. There’s not much that can beat an Elite sale landing in your inbox while you’re having lunch!



Please note that the app fee is not as shown here as $19.95 but is now $29.95 at time of writing. Always check with the SFM for the latest prices. 

To access the SFM Elite Membership join using the button below and upgrade through your membership area in the back office.

Get started today and begin your journey towards a better life with the power of this professional online community. Click on the button above and fill out the form for the $29.95 application pack.

Looking to become an Elite Member with The Six Figure Mentors?

Once you are in and have been accepted you can then simply upgrade your membership to Elite to begin to take advantage of all the extras including the ability to earn high ticket commissions.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Start here by completing your application<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

To your online success,

Tim Halloran

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