Six Figure Mentors Cost

The SFM (Six Figure Mentors) Application “App”

You can now access a FREE MONTH and test drive the Six Figure Mentors digital online platform. Click here to get started.

Six Figure Mentors Cost

What does The Six Figure Mentors Cost? $29.95 will get you access to the Six Figure Mentors back office. Here you can work through the training modules and access the video training. You will also be assigned a business coach who can answer any questions you want to ask. Access with the ‘app’ will give you a basic overview of what the SFM is all about. You will also see the community and get access to video training including the ‘laptop lifestyle’ seminar footage.

You get a 30 day money back guarantee with the app which is refundable at any time within 30 days and if for any reason you are not happy you can simply ask for your money back.

Level: Basic SFM Application

Price: $29.95

Access: SFM back office, video training, personal business coach. You can access the app here.



SFM Student + Account

While signing up for the App you will be given the option to open an SFM Student + account. This is a special offer whereby you not only gain access to the SFM back office to try it out but you will also gain access to the Digital Skills Platform. This is also known as the Digital Business Lounge (DBL). The Digital Business Lounge allows students a faster learning rate through their micro learning video series.

The DBL also gives the student access to many other bite sized videos on various aspects of digital marketing. Students who access this optional extra tend to move forward faster because of the extra information and increased learning curve.

The cost of the SFM Student + account is $25.00 a month after a BONUS FREE month. Again this can be cancelled at any time. This is as well as the initial one time SFM App price of $29.95.

Level: SFM App Student + Account

Price: $29.95 initial payment, then $25.00 monthly after first FREE MONTH

Access: SFM Back office, Video training, personal business coach, Digital Business Lounge.

You can access SFM Student + Account here. Simply tick the box for ‘Special Offer’ when filling out your application:

six figure mentors cost


SFM Basic Membership

If your application to join the SFM is approved, you can go on to upgrade your membership to ‘Basic’. The cost of joining the SFM at the basic level is $297 one time fee + $97 monthly (monthly recurring starting from month 2). For this you also get access to the Digital Business Lounge (Premium membership).

Basic Membership gives you access to the SFM Digital Business System, back office, live weekly training, recorded webinars and your own senior business coach. The Digital Business Lounge gives you access to landing pages, domain hosing, click start website building, other useful marketing software and other useful tools and software. The back office allows you to access other members of the community and take part in training which is not available from only purchasing the App. The DBL access alone is well worth the investment if you are serious about building an online business.

Level: SFM Basic Membership

Price: $297 one time fee + $97 a month (recurring after 1st FREE MONTH)

Access: Full access to the SFM Back office. DBL (Digital Business Lounge) premium access. Able to promote SFM products and earn commissions.

You can join the SFM and upgrade to Basic Membership through the basic application process here. (Once you get access to the back office, simply upgrade your membership to full member). Click here to start.

SFM Elite Membership Level

Six Figure Mentors Cost

If you’re looking to join The Six Figure Mentors Elite level of membership, you can do so by buying the app here and upgrading through the back office. The Elite membership was designed for serious online entrepreneurs who want to take their internet business to a full time level, earning a full time income from their online activities. Elite membership covers more coaching, one on one training, private mastermind seminars and webinars. It is designed to help you to take your online business to the next level.

As an Elite member of the SFM you are also eligible to earn a higher rate of commissions on your sales. Sic Figure Mentors Cost

SFM Elite Membership

Please note that this is correct at time of writing apart from the SFM Application which is now $29.95 and not $19.95 as shown in the chart above. The cost of joining at this level is $2500 yearly plus you must also be a Basic Member of the SFM – $297 one time payment plus $97 a month (after FREE MONTH)*

*Please check current pricing with SFM (Prices are correct at time of writing).

Level: SFM Elite Membership

Price: Successful Application $29.95 + Basic Membership ($297 + $97 pcm) + Yearly $2500 subscription (you can cancel at any time).

Access: Extra Elite mastermind webinars and Live training, All areas of basic membership, Elite challenges, fast track seminars and access to Elite video archive. High ticket commissions which are unavailable at lower membership levels – Up to $1000 commission on high ticket sales. (see charts).

To access the Six Figure Mentors at any of these levels simply fill out the application and take it for a test drive. To upgrade your membership simply do this through your back office by logging in and upgrading through your profile.

Fill in an application today here. 

The table below shows the SFM affiliate commissions:

six figure mentors cost


The SFM now offers an all in package which is priced at $100 with a $97 a month recurring fee. Click on the link below for more information

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