Six Figure Mentors Compensation Plan

The Six Figure Mentors compensation plan shows commission on sales in line with the various membership levels available. Commission levels are based on how you position yourself in the system. For higher commissions you need to join at a higher level in order to take advantage of the high ticket commissions. However, you can still earn affiliate commissions at the lower levels of the program. Here is a breakdown of the various levels of commission available.  Also showing the costs associated with buying in at each level and the benefits and/or drawback of buying in at a certain level.

The Six Figure Mentors compensation plan offers the ability to earn right up to $8000 on a sale of a $20,000 product. However, in order to earn such a commission you will need to purchase the product yourself initially, to obtain the higher level of commission.

Six Figure Mentors Compensation Plan- 1. The basic App purchase

Cost – $29.95

Benefits – Access free bonus month of Student + membership (option). Access back office and personal business advisor. Ability to make basic commissions of up to $250 on an Elite sale and 15% of monthly subscriptions on other software (see chart below). 30 day money back guarantee. Allows a ‘test drive’ of the back office area at minimal cost.

Drawbacks – Limited access to all areas and training, limited commissions on sales.

six figure mentors compensation plan

2. Basic Membership purchase

Cost – $29.95 (app), $297 + $97 monthly (after free month*). * if applicable

Benefits – Access all areas of back office and Digital Business Lounge. Access to push button website creation software and hosting, landing page software, many other benefits (see Six Figure Mentors Cost). Able to make up to $250 commissions on sales of Elite program, 20% monthly commissions on subscription package software and 5% on DEA (Digital Experts Academy) sales – up to $1000 on a DEA Black sale.

Drawbacks – You are not able to take advantage of some of the higher ticket commissions at this level.

3. Elite Membership

Cost – To join the Elite Membership level you must first purchase the app for $29.95, upgrade to a full member at $297 + $97 monthly (after free month*) + Yearly subscription of $2500.

Benefits – Access to Elite Mastermind seminars, live training events and archive Elite video training + other extras. Ability to make up to $750 commissions on Elite sales, 30% monthly subscription commissions and 10% of DEA salesup to $2000 on a DEA Black sale.

Drawbacks – A more expensive option than basic membership, lower monthly commissions than the higher membership levels in the DEA (Digital Experts Academy).six figure mentors compensation plan

# (SFM Application is now $29.95)

DEA Products

Digital Experts Academy Compensation Plan

The Digital Experts Academy offers higher end products, the largest possible commissions, personal one to one training and international seminars. Its compensation plan reflects the cost and at the highest level (black), you can earn 40% commissions on sales of up to $20,000 (- so up to $8000 a sale). You can also earn 10% commissions on tier 2. These are sales made by affiliates who you have referred.

Basic Membership level – You can still sell these DEA products with your basic membership and earn 5% commission on each sales.

Elite Membership level – At Elite level you can earn 10% commissions on sale of DEA products.

Silver Membership Level (DEA) – At this level you can earn 25% commissions on sales of the Silver DEA product and 10% commissions on Gold, Platinum and Black sales.

Gold Membership Level (DEA) – Gold membership allows you to earn 25% commissions on sales of Silver and Gold products and 10% commissions on Platinum and Black DEA products.

Platinum Membership Level (DEA) – Earn 35% in commissions on sales of DEA products: Silver, Gold and Platinum and 10% on Black.

Black Membership Level (DEA) – This is the highest membership level and as a Black Founder Member you can earn 40% commissions on sales of all DEA products and 10% commissions on sales on tier 2 – that is, commissions on sales that any affiliates who you have referred have made.

Six Figure Mentors Compensation plan


The DEA training program is called The Six Figure Mentor’s. To access any of these courses and training programs you can purchase the basic app here for $29.95 after which you can upgrade to any of these programs through the back office – subject to successful application and availability. (Please check with SFM and DEA for latest prices). See Six Figure Mentors Cost for more information on pricing.




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