Six Figure Mentors Affiliate Program

The Six Figure Mentors Affiliate program offers a tried and tested program which teaches the most important aspects of affiliate marketing. It is designed to get you up and running a profitable online business in the shortest possible time.  You can access it here with a month of training absolutely free!

six figure mentors affiliate program

Six Figure Mentors Affiliate Program – Modules

The affiliate program offered by the Six Figure Mentors is an online training platform and community. In step by step modules it shows you a “from scratch” business model which uses affiliate marketing to build a business from your laptop or home computer. *This is a legitimate business and earnings will vary depending on effort, understanding and perseverance.

The modules are broken down steps to teach every necessary aspect of building an affiliate marketing business.

Each module has several steps as shown below and there are 5 modules in total to work through.

  • Module 1 – Introduction
  • Module 2 – Your Blueprint
  • Module 3 – System Setup
  • Module 4 – Begin Marketing
  • Module 5 – Basic Curriculum

six figure mentors affiliate program

Six Figure Mentors Affiliate Program – After Your Basic Modules

The basic modules will help you get the systems in place to enable you to promote affiliate products through custom made website/s and landing pages – all of which can be customized to your liking but also offer the flexibility of being largely automated. Once you have set up your autoresponder, website and landing pages you will need to promote them. This can be done in several ways:

  • Article marketing
  • Advertising – Facebook, Adwords and various other forms of online advertising
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

There is ongoing training and support in the form of live seminars, webinars and training videos covering all aspects of online marketing. There are groups to join to help motivate, inspire and train you. Join the community groups to share your activities and make yourself accountable to other members for your regular activities. You can also access archive videos, seminars and webinars from the back office.

Six Figure Mentors Affiliate Program – What’s different about this program?

I have tried many programs which teach affiliate marketing. The six figure mentors is different because it offers a community of people who are on hand to help. With all the other programs I joined I never met anyone personally, until I joined The Six Figure Mentors. The Six Figure Mentors offer training worldwide and Founders Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek run these courses personally. They also offer regular live webinars as part of their ongoing training program.

Six Figure Mentors Affiliate Program – High Ticket Commissions

The affiliate marketing model allows you to sell products and services from your laptop. This can offer a very flexible lifestyle and you can work anywhere globally with a laptop and internet connection. To make a profit online you must sell products or services. You can either sell 100 items at $100 each, with a commission of 50% on each sale you will make $5000. However, it can be very difficult finding 100 customers to sell your $100 product to. And you need to keep doing this in order to keep your business alive.

High Ticket Items

With high ticket items you sell products worth $2000 +. Based on a commission of 50%, you only need to sell 5 of these items in order to make the same profit as 100 items prices at $100. This is the power of high ticket items. As an affiliate marketer, given the right targeted audience,  the same effort is required but the ‘high ticket’ business model is much more powerful. By targeting the right custom audience, you can make larger commissions on the same amount of work done, or time spent.

Membership Sales

With an affiliate marketing model, you simply get paid for selling other people’s products online. You can literally sell anything online. However, choosing the right business model is vital to your long term success online. Choose the wrong model and you may make a few one off sales, but your business depends on ‘ongoing’ sales. This is why membership sales is another powerful tool which The Six Figure Mentors will arm you with. By selling a membership product, rather than a single product, you can benefit from ongoing sales commissions in the form of monthly membership commissions.

Built In Sales Team + Up-sell

The Six Figure Mentors has a built in sales team who close sales on your behalf. You can therefore benefit from the ‘up-sell’ of other high ticket products, even after your first initial sale. This is great for anyone who doesn’t want to personally do any direct selling themselves. It also means you can benefit from not only high ticket sales and membership commissions, but also high ticket up-sales and the built in sales team.

The Six Figure Mentors Affiliate Program – More Information

For more information on The Six Figure Mentors Affiliate Program see also:

Six Figure Mentors Cost and Six Figure Mentors compensation plan or start your FREE TRIAL TODAY HERE.

six figure mentors affiliate program

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