Six Figure Mentor Review

Are you looking for a six figure mentor review? I joined the Six Figure Mentors a couple of years ago now so yes, I am an affiliate and I will receive an affiliate commission if you join through my website. That aside what can I say about the six figure mentors? Like with many of these online ‘schemes’ I was sceptical at first. I had done some time in internet marketing before the six figure mentor program came into my world. I had seen a lot of courses which promised a lot and delivered very little – and done most of them. Some of which produced results and some of which didn’t.

I was almost ready to throw the towel in on the internet business idea. I had learned a lot and developed a few different online skills which allowed me to:

  • Build a website
  • Build a list of subscribers
  • Sell affiliate products
  • Use Google’s Adsense program

However I was directionless and needed guidance. I decided to start from scratch and trust these guys. I had already tried so many programs and given so much time to the idea of running an internet business that I couldn’t stop now. I decided to ’empty my cup’ and begin again. I had a lot of skills but what I didn’t have was direction and confidence in what I was doing.

Six Figure Mentor Review – The First Meeting

The first meeting I went to was arranged by a guy called Oliver who was the affiliate who had signed me to the program. He arranged the meeting and I went along expecting to arrive at an empty warehouse! I said I was sceptical! I hadn’t actually met anyone through affiliate marketing even though I had been learning it for more than a couple of years.

Most of the online courses I had done in the past didn’t offer any real meetings. They were all internet based. This, I thought was a good sign! The meeting was a success and I met a few people who had joined the program. It gave it a solidity which I hadn’t known from affiliate marketing. I started to believe it was a real thing!

Since the first meeting I have been to several others all of which have given me confidence that this business is here to stay. I met people who had been with SFM (The Six Figure Mentors) for years as well as the founders themselves Jay and Stuart. Here’s a picture of me with Jay at the first Momentum meeting I went to in London.

Six Figure Mentor Review

Before I attended the meeting I had joined the program and upgraded my membership to Elite. This is the best way to take advantage of the high ticket sales. You can join at at lower levels but you can’t benefit from the higher percentage commissions of higher ticket items. See Six figure mentors compensation plan for more on this.

Six Figure Mentor Review – Mindset Training

I learned a lot about mindset while working my way through the modules. It is tempting to skip all this stuff and just try to implement the necessary teachings but it would be a mistake. Somewhere down the line you might convince yourself to cut corners, that you know better or simply to give up. Mindset plays a huge part in running an internet business and without having gone through the modules step by step and doing everything as it is laid out, I would have faltered much sooner.

I was introduced to Stuart Lichtman’s book How to get lots of money for anything fast. I know it sounds cheesy but the title really doesn’t do the book justice. It is written by an MIT professor who studied psychology and artificial intelligence. He has done extensive research on the unconscious basis for success and has developed the cybernetic transposition techniques he reveals in his book as a way to achieve any goal by programming your subconscious mind appropriately.

Six Figure Mentor Review – My First Sale

Although I had had a few online sales before joining the Six Figure Mentor Program, none of them compared to a high ticket sale. I even made a sale while in the Momentum meeting! The biggest success I have had online is down the The Six Figure Mentors and following their program step by step. Everything is broken down into action steps and the emphasis is to get started as soon as possible and not get ‘stuck’ in education mode – (learning more and more but never implementing). This was definitely something I had done previously. There is so much information available on the internet it can be easy to get caught up with information overload. As a result I wasted a lot of time.

Six Figure Mentor Review – Concentrate On Money Producing Activities

Before I joined the SFM, I spent several years learning various online skills and techniques, many of which are now redundant with the technology available online. You don’t need to do this. The Six Figure Mentors teach what is needed to succeed online. Just follow the step by step modules and keep learning as you progress. Don’t get caught up in education mode as I did and waste years!

Advertising Costs

My first high ticket sale of a $2000 product came after only a couple of months. However, I did use paid advertising to make this sale. I later made another high ticket sale through my blog and this was without paid advertising. However, if you want this business to work for you fast you will need to fund an advertising campaign. The much slower route of blogging will take more time and of course more effort. If you have the cash I highly recommend paid advertising. This is the fastest route. If you’re not familiar with paid advertising this is taught through the education platform. You can budget your campaign depending on your available funds and you can run a campaign for as little as £1 a day. The bigger your budget though, the more people you can reach. Start small and build up as you get more confident.

Six Figure Mentor Review – Cost Of Joining

You can see more on this here:  The Six Figure Mentors Cost. It’s worth upgrading to at least Elite membership status (see Six Figure Mentors Elite) to take advantage of the high ticket commissions. You don’t have to do this but if you don’t then you can’t benefit from the higher commissions. You can see how the commission structure changes according to your membership level below. As an Elite+ member you can make 50% commission on Elite product sales of $1000. Lower membership levels give you commission of $750 or $250.

Six Figure Mentor Review

The Six Figure Mentor Review – Basic Premise

The SFM teaches you how to sell products online through:

  • A website which is pre-populated with affiliate banners and content to give you the best start (easily set up)
  • Online marketing such as Facebook advertising, Adwords, Solo Ads, Social Media marketing etc.
  • Build a list – By building a list and using a pre-formatted series of emails you can control your ‘traffic’ and be less dependent on rankings and paid advertising.
  • Sell high ticket membership products. See Best revenue models for websites

It also plugs you into a community of people and a platform full of videos, tutorials and training. There are weekly online seminars and live training also available through the week.

The Six Figure Mentor Review – Best Chance

For your best chance for success online take your internet business seriously. Follow through on all the training. Empty your ‘cup’ and trust this process. It does work; how quickly will depend on how much time and effort you can put into your business, your focus and ability to follow the process.

six figure mentor review

Access the video series here which explains the process or click here to start your application today.

six figure mentor review

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