SEO Tips and Tricks For Blogger

Looking for SEO tips and tricks for blogger? If you’re a blogger and looking to make more from your blogs then this is the post for you. Blogging is a good low cost way to raise your profile online and bring quality targeted customers to your products. However, unless you blog in the right way, no-one will see your posts and it will take much longer to turn your website into a profitable one. Google likes to show it’s website visitors quality content which gives huge value. This is why there have been so many algorithm changes over the years.

Only ten years ago it was relatively easy to create a bunch of ‘spammy’ keyword targeted posts and get a huge amount of traffic to your blog. Times have changed and people got sick of having to shift through the content to find the real value. This is why Google enforced a number of changes. ‘Black hat’ SEO bloggers soon found themselves at the bottom of the pile and not ranking for their blogs. Google wants quality content which offers value and insight and which is interesting and informative.

SEO Tips and Tricks For Blogger

SEO tips and tricks for blogger

It’s not enough any more to use a ‘box of tricks’ to ‘trick’ Google into thinking your content is great when it really isn’t! You need to provide quality content. How does Google know when its spiders crawl your website for content, that it is quality content? It uses a number of techniques to determine how well you will score:

  • Bounce rate – the rate visitors bounce from your content after having found it. If people find your content through the keywords you provide in your tags, keywords and article title, and then leave your site immediately upon landing, Google sees this as a sign of bad content. Or, at least a badly matched keyword to content ratio.
  • Time on page – If your visitors land on your blog and are fascinated by your amazing content they will stay longer! Google uses this information to rate your content and its relevant keywords.
  • Social Proof – Is your content being shared far and wide throughout the internet? Is there evidence of social interaction on your blog? The more social proof you can obtain for your blog the better it looks to Google. Use a comments section and social share buttons on your website. Encourage your visitors to comment and ask questions and reply to their comments on your thread. Google likes forums and discussions as it shows a regular presence on your blog.
  • Back links – Back links also show whether your content is being shared throughout the internet. Google looks for a natural link profile, not a huge increase over a short period of time. Also make sure your back links are from authority sites in your niche. High quality one way back links to your site and a natural link profile is an indicator of a quality site.

SEO Tips and Tricks For Blogger

SEO tips and tricks for blogger
Yoast SEO Tool for WordPress

You can also get a plugin which will help you write your article for the best effect. You need to write for people and not just for search engines. A stagnated post which is hard to read will turn your visitors off and lead to a high bounce rate. I use this plugin which works great for WordPress. (Yoast SEO for WordPress). This will flag up your word count, keywords, meta description and focus keyword for each article. It also shows you some content tools and ranks your articles as you write them for things like transition words, subheadings and length of sentence. See below:



SEO Tips and Tricks For Blogger – Final Thoughts

Google is constantly ‘tweeking’ and changing their algorithms and no-one really knows the full story and how much weight is given to any particular SEO signal. We do know that Google wants to improve the experience for the end user – the people doing the searches. By keeping in mind the user experience and using the tools mentioned above you can improve each of your articles and create quality content which deserves to rank well in the searches. Use Google’s keyword tool to find article titles and compare the competition before writing your article. See finding long tail keywords here.

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