Self Employed Careers

One of the most recent self employed careers is working online as an internet marketer. Anyone can learn to do internet marketing and you don’t need any special qualifications. An online job gives you a fully ‘portable’ career and it appeals to both travelers and those who wish to work from home. As self employed careers go, becoming an online marketer can give you both financial stability and flexibility.

Self Employed Careers – Working Online

self employed careers

So how does it work and what exactly do online marketers do? Anyone can start an online business through the medium of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is basically referring people to products and services throughout the internet. When they buy through your referral, you earn a commission. Because you can set up multiple streams of income, and automate much of it, affiliate marketing can be very lucrative.

See most lucrative startups. Affiliate marketers do this by creating content (like this article). They also create adverts on various platforms like Facebook, Adwords, Bing or Yahoo, and they can create video and other useful content online. Top affiliates create huge websites like the website, created by Martin Lewis. For a more detailed look at affiliate marketing see what is affiliate marketing.

Self Employed Careers – Tools, Systems and Technology

self employed careers

The tools, systems and technology now available makes such a business very flexible and scalable. Before the internet became available to the masses, and in particular internet advertising, only international companies could afford to reach international audiences.

Now anyone can start an online business and target any country or every country for its advertising campaign. They can also target very specifically a certain set of people specific to their products and services, because of the tools at their disposal. All this can be done on a small budget to suit small startups.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising is one of the the best things to come out of the internet for marketers. They only pay when someone clicks on their advert. This makes advertising online very measurable.

By specifically tailoring your advert to the market audience of your product, you can get very focused on your most probably customers. Each element of an advertising campaign can be cross tested with a small budget. This helps to find the best possible performing advert and audience.

The best thing is that pay per click advertising can be scaled. By testing and measuring with a low budget, and having your return on investment in mind, you can scale up globally, knowing your advert will perform well.

Self Employed Careers – Work From Anywhere

self employed careers

The flexibility which comes from the affiliate business model can’t easily be matched. It offers anyone the possibility of a business opportunity with low startup costs, minimal investment and no need to staff or premises. Most self employed careers don’t offer such flexibility. Choose when and where you work from with no employer and build your income up around other existing employment.

Self Employed Careers – Start Your Own Online Business Today

Learn how to start an online affiliate business. Get access to all the tools and training needed here. You will be given step by step modules to set up a working business system. Your job is then to promote your affiliate link or website. This can be done is several ways:

  • Content creation – Building your website presence through blogging
  • Creating videos on YouTube and building a following
  • Setting up adverts on various different platforms such as Facebook, Adwords Bing and Yahoo.
  • You can also use other methods of online advertising and list building

Affiliate marketing has changed massively in recent years. Older models require you to sell many products again and again, making only a small commission on each. By using a business model which offers the following, you are using a system which is much more sustainable:

  • High Ticket Commissions – Make £1000+ on a single sale
  • Built in up-selling for which you receive commissions – Sales closed by built in sales team
  • Monthly recurring commissions – Means for each individual member who continues their membership you receive monthly commissions.

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