Retraining Opportunities

Are you looking for retraining opportunities? Have you considered an internet based business? Many people have retrained and learned how to build their own internet business from scratch, at varying ages. An internet business can be built around existing jobs and commitments and worked from anywhere globally, given an internet connection and a laptop.

Retraining Opportunities – An Internet Business

An internet business can be started with no previous training and anyone can learn to do it. Tools and software have made the learning and implementing of an online business much easier, over the last few years. You can start with a video series and a full month of free training here. This is a business of course and not a job. As such you will need to develop as a business owner (training is given).

retraining opportunities

Retraining Opportunities – Why An Internet Business?

So many people are looking at retraining opportunities to build their own internet businesses for a number of reasons:

  • It can give you complete flexibility and control over your life – Work from anywhere with a laptop and internet connection, build a business around your current lifestyle
  • You can scale an internet business upwards and earn a lot more than in a regular job. Results vary from person to person but with an internet based business much of the process can be automated. This means scaling up is not only possible but very easily achievable, once you have a few factors in place.
  • You can go full time online – Going full time means you can leave you job. Once your income from the internet replaces your normal income, you’re in a great position to leave your job, and you can build up your online income around existing employment until this is achieved.

Retraining opportunities – What’s Involved?

retraining opportunities

This education program offers an online training program which will take you through the process of starting up step by step. By working through the modules you will be able to set up your own website, email list, affiliate marketing links and banners, and learn what is involved with an online business.

You can access training videos and live seminars and webinars from your computer. You can also access a community of online entrepreneurs who you can call on for assistance throughout the learning process. Learn more and access the video series here.

How Much Does It Cost?

Your first month of training is currently free. Access here. Normal membership is $25 a month. More information on cost of membership and levels of membership is available on The Six Figure Mentors Cost page. After your first month you can simply cancel your membership if it’s not for you.

OJT Training

The program is designed to give you and ‘earn as your learn’ on the job training experience. However results are not guaranteed and not everyone has similar experiences. You are still running a business and are paid for results rather than a ‘wage’ like an employee. The change from employee mindset to one of an entrepreneur is part of the training. The business model you will be using is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is one of the most successful online business models in use today.



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