Resell Digital Products

Learn to resell digital products which you don’t even own and earn up to 50% commission on them. The model of reselling digital products is known as affiliate marketing.

What are the benefits of reselling digital products?

  1. They can be sold automatically once it is all set up
  2. You can sell to a global audience.
  3. You can also sell the same digital product again and again through a website to multiple buyers.

Plus, with the right business model there are many more benefits, more on this later.

Resell Digital Products

Over 10 years ago I purchased a business system from the auction site ebay. It was one of those ‘how to make money on ebay’ type of courses. It was a good system too and I did make money with it. You can read more about it in my article here: ebay bargain finder.

What struck me as a better system was the business model which allowed me to purchase the course. Despite the purchase being a physical product due to ebay’s rules in the UK at the time, the idea of buying a digital product really stuck in my mind. What if I could just sell from a website and the buyer could download it instantly? If I could own the product I would be able to sell over and over without even being there! The website would do all the selling and people could purchase online and download the file (or course) onto their computer.

Instant Download Products

resell digital products

Instant download products struck me as a great business model. You could sell the same product over and over. It was like selling a record you have made once, and earning royalties for the sale. I bought several of these type of products over the following few years in an attempt to learn the business model of selling digital products online.

To resell digital products you simply needed to upload them to a website, create a sales page and then promote it. Of course you would need a product which sold. This meant it would need to provide some value and fill a need.

Despite attempting to make my own products, build many websites and resell digital products I failed many times over. I got caught up in the learning and never really got to the crux of it. It wasn’t until later that I realised to best business model for reselling digital products online.

The Best Business Model For Reselling Online

I had figured out that if I made a website and sold something on it, I could sell digital products through my website. I could drive traffic to it with both paid for and free organic traffic. What I was missing though is a better business model. I was selling single products, the top affiliate marketers knew something I didn’t.

They knew a better business model and here it is:

  • They chose membership products. Membership products are a total game changer for affiliates because they reward you again and again. For every item you sell you earn an income, not just a single commission.

There’s a few other things which top affiliates use to their advantage too. They also choose the business model which offers:

  • High ticket products – High Ticket Digital Products create profit quickly. This means scaling up is faster and you can use paid advertising more effectively.
  • Up-sells – Top affiliate marketers choose products which reward them for later sales to their referred customers. This means you can earn more for each referral for the lifetime of a customer.
  • Built in sales team – Sales closed even years later to your referrals are still attributed to you and you receive a commission.

So if you want to resell digital products online you should begin with a program which offers all of the above. You can access one here which also teaches all aspects of how to build an online business. 

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