Recurring Income Affiliate Programs

Recurring income affiliate programs give you an income from each of your sales. You can earn an ongoing income every time you make a sale. As long as your affiliate referrals continue their memberships, you continue to earn. By choosing recurring income affiliate programs to promote as an affiliate, you have a much better chance at building a long term and sustainable business, as an affiliate.

Recurring Income Affiliate Programs

Programs such as website hostings, autoresponder programs and even online training programs offer recurring incomes to affiliates. Recurring income affiliate programs can make all the difference when it come to making a success from an affiliate marketing business. Instead of promiting products which only pay you once, choose products which continue to pay out again and again. This is one of the ‘secrets’ which top affiliate marketers use to their advantage.


recurring income affiliate programs

Recurring Income Affiliate Programs – Other Considerations

As well as choosing affiliate products which enable you to make monthly commissions, there are some other considerations which can enable you to earn more from the products you promote. Monthly commissions are a great idea, but if you can also choose products with a number of other income streams attached, you can keep earning again and again for products you have already sold.

Choose High Ticket Products

recurring income affiliate programs

High ticket items let you earn larger commissions when you sell an affiliate product. Instead of choosing low value items at around the $100 mark, choose items valued much higher at around $1000. This has a number of benefits besides the obvious larger commissions:

  • Using paid advertising is much more realistic – smaller valued items don’t give you as much leverage when using paid advertising. With a high ticket item you can afford to spend more before making a sale because your sale recoups your advertising spend more quickly.
  • This makes your business mode scalable. Paid advertising is far more easily scaled up than content creation.
  • Scaling up to larger incomes is much more attainable. With lower valued items, turning your income up into the multiple figures is more difficult. You need to shift far more products than with high ticket items. 10 sales at $1000 per sale can give you an affiliate commission of $4000 at 40% commission. You would need to sell ten times this amount of $100 products for the same commission.
Choose Products Which Reward You For Up-Sells

Multiple income streams can also come from later sales closed by the vendor. Many affiliate programs don’t offer this to their affiliates. They get more customers from affiliates and then up-sell to the customer, but they often don’t reward the affiliate for the later sale. This is a huge form of revenue.

Think of McDonalds with their slogan “Do you want fries with that?” or Burger King “Do you want to go large?”. Small value or even larger value ‘add-ons’ make up another income stream from your existing customers. Choosing affiliate products which reward you (the affiliate) for later sales closed by the company gives you another form of revenue from existing customers. Recurring income affiliate programs can reward you both from memberships and from up-sells too. If you choose high ticket products to promote you earn more from the initial sale aswell as from additional income streams.

More Recurring Income From Multi-Tier Sales

With this company you can also partner with their founders to earn income from multi-tier sales. This is another income stream you can have if you position yourself at the very top of the program.

Multi-tier sales means that you can earn not only from membership products, add-ons and high ticket products, but also from the sales of your team of referrals. This is similar to network marketing where you can build a huge team of people and generate revenue from sales made by your team. Your position in the company will determine how much you can earn from multi-tier sales. See the chart below for some of the commission rates.

recurring income affiliate programs

Recurring Income Affiliate Program – Built In Sales Team

As you can see there’s plenty of other revenue streams which you can use to generate income with certain affiliate products. If you also choose products which have a range of high ticket up-sells you can benefit greatly from a built in sales structure – a sales team closing sales on your behalf.

For high ticket items this should definitely be a consideration. If you have a range of products built in to your sales funnel, and sales are being closed by an automated sales team, you can earn more simply by selling the basic level product. As your customer travels through the system, they are offered other products automatically by the sales and customer service team.

Learn more and access a range of high ticket products which have:

  • Built in sales team
  • Up-sells from which you earn affiliate commissions
  • Multi-tier sales – depending on your positioning in the business
  • Recurring income affiliate program (Membership products paying you monthly commissions for sales generated)

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Recurring Income Affiliate Programs Vs. Basic Affiliate Products

Many affiliates atart out with digital products simply because they pay 40%+ commissions. That’s a much higher mark up than most physical products you can sell as an affiliate. However, what most affiliates miss out on is recurring income. They choose digital products from clickbank and the like and promote products which will only pay them once. This is a big mistake. Simply by choosing products which reward you again and again, you can earn much more and build a much more sustainable business.

Same Work More Money

Although it may be easier to sell a low value item on the internet, you still only get paid once. You must sell over and over again in order to make it profitable. This means doing the work again and again. That same amount of work can be used to generate sales of much better products – products which pay you a recurring income. If you target your audience correctly, build content and advertise, you will be doing much the same amount of work for much larger rewards. With paid advertising too, it’s much easier to scale up your online business with these kinds of products. 

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