Real Opportunities To Work From Home

Are there any real opportunities to work from home or are they all just scams?! There are real opportunities to work from home, if you have the time and commitment. Unfortunately there are a lot of unscrupulous people on the internet who are taking advantage of the “work from home” trend, but who don’t offer a genuine opportunity.


Real Opportunities To Work From Home – My Journey

I started my search for an income from the internet several years ago with e-bay. You can learn two of the simple tactics I employed on e-bay in my:

Although e-bay did offer a means to make some extra money from the internet, and these methods will still work today, there was a lot of competition for the bargains. There are a lot of ‘snipers’ using these tactics on ebay and so it makes it more difficult to find the genuine bargains. The main problem with both these tactics was that they were NOT SCALABLE.

real opportunities to work from home

Real Opportunities To Work From Home - Digital Products

My e-bay ventures sparked an interest in digital products. Digital products can be downloaded and delivered on autopilot. That is, as a seller you don’t have to be part of the buying and selling process. Once the products, sales pages and adverts are put in place, the business can run by itself – pretty much on autopilot. See autopilot money making system and steps to build an autopilot money making system. Although there is work to do in setting up and ‘tweeking’ the systems, it is a much more hands free model than the e-bay model mentioned in my guides. It is also a SCALABLE MODEL.

Real Opportunities To Work From Home – A Scalable Model

The internet still offers one of the best opportunities available to scale a business. Even a physical business can be scaled up with the benefit of online advertising. With digital products the internet can allow the seller to scale globally. This is why an internet based business is one of the best opportunities available. It also offers the means to work from anywhere globally, work around existing commitments and be your own boss. 

The Right Business Model

Affiliate marketing allows anyone to sell pretty much anything online. Just recommending a product you recently bought from Amazon, for example, could result in a commission, if done online. By recommending products and services which you would happily recommend to family and friends in “real life” could make you a living on the internet. In addition, you don’t have to deliver, store or pre-purchase any of these products yourself in order to make a living from them. Nor do you have to speak to any customers personally.

The right business model for affiliate marketing should also contain:

  • High ticket products
  • Monthly memberships
  • Up-sell
  • Build in sales team
  • A community of ‘real people’ helping each other

Real Opportunities To Work From Home – Training

Getting the right training from the start will help you to make the best choices and move forwards more quickly. It took years for my online business to get going simply because I made a lot of mistakes early on. I tried to go it alone and wasted years in the process. Although I learned a lot of skills, I wasn’t spending my time wisely. I got caught up in several newbie mistakes. See top 10 mistakes to avoid when build your own internet business.

Start As You Mean To Go On

Take your internet business seriously and get the right training from the start. Access a free month of training here and get your online business started today.

real opportunities to work from home

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