Ready Made Sales Funnel

Are you looking for a ready made sales funnel? Building your own products, emails and advertising materials is time consuming and costly. Why not access a ready made sales funnel which has products, landing pages and emails already done for you? See also done for you sales funnel. There are various sales funnel stages which need to be in place before you can earn money from your sales funnel. Get it wrong and your sales funnel won’t work! By choosing a ready made sales funnel which has proven itself you can save a heap of time and money!

ready made sales funnel

Ready Made Sales Funnel

Email Collection

So what should a ready made sales funnel include? A good sales funnel starts with collecting a visitor’s email and sending out some useful information. This means creating a landing page or website and having access to an autoresponder.

Email Series

ready made sales funnel

Once you have collected an email address what should you send your subscribers? A ready made funnel already has an email series which has been tested to convert subscribers into customers. This means you don’t have to test and measure because the hard work has already been done for you. Most good email followups start with a low cost or free product of some kind. By engaging your subscribers they should see your value (and that of your products) and hopefully they will purchase something. This doesn’t happen immediately however. First you need to give value and build a relationship. This is what an email followup series does.

A Range Of Products

Developing your own range of products is risky. Firstly you don’t know whether there is a market for them, or if they will actually sell. Unless you know what you are doing, it is much better to use existing products and services which already sell and have proven themselves. A good range of products usually starts with a low priced entry level item and then has a range of other products offering increasing levels of value. This way your sales funnel can maximize the potential of your list and the lifetime value of each subscriber who converts into a paying customer.

ready made sales funnel

Lifetime Value Of A Customer

A good funnel will enable an affiliate to earn from each customer for the lifetime of their custom. This means that you don’t only receive a commission from a one-off sale. You can earn commissions based on further purchases from that same customer. Even better is you earn from sales made by a built in sales team within your funnel.

Monthly Commissions

Products which include monthly commission are also much better than one-off sales. From membership products you can earn in an ongoing way. Each customer who continues their membership will earn you a monthly commission. In addition to this if you choose a sales funnel with high ticket products (high ticket sales funnel), and up-sells with a built in sales team, you can benefit from further sales made by customers you have referred previously.

Access Your Pre Made Sales Funnel

ready made sales funnel

A ready made sales funnel should have:

  • A website you control and can build quickly and easily (with only a few steps)
  • A ready made email list (which is yours) and is pre-populated with a series of proven emails
  • Landing pages which you can use and are tracked with your affiliate code
  • landing page software to create your own tailor made pages
  • A range of products and services which you can earn commissions from
  • A built in sales team selling products on your behalf

You can also benefit from:

  • Training for promotion and advertising for both your website and other online methods
  • A community of people, coaches and mentors to help you get the most from an online business.

Access here to learn more and get your ready made sales funnel up and running!

ready made sales funnel

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