Ready Made Online Business

A ready made online business has all the tools and training you will need to earn profit from the internet. With all the different methods of earning online, it can be very confusing to someone entering the industry. I started looking for a means to earn from the internet over 10 years ago.

I followed lots of conflicting advice and various different strategies. It took a long time to get anywhere. Avoid years of trial and error by getting a ready made online business.

Ready Made Online Business

ready made online business

When I first started out looking to earn an income from the internet I began by buying and selling on the giant auction site ebay. At the time I was only looking for an extra income to supplement other work. I would find bargain items in charity shops and car boot sales.

Later I bagan to use a website called to find bargains actually listed on ebay itself. People list items badly so no-one can see them. They might misspell an item when listing it, in which case people searching won’t see it. I used to find these items and then relist them with a better title, better pictures and a better description. You can read more about this in my article Ebay Bargain Finder.

After quite a lot of doing this I decided it wasn’t for me. There was no way to scale this model up quickly and it took time searching and finding items to sell. What I wanted was something I could sell again and again with one listing. This is another ebay strategy which is better than the previous one I have described. Simply have many of the same product and one listing You can then sell multiple items but only need to list once. I looked into this method but didn’t do it because I found something I considered much better.

Ready Made Online Business – Automated Selling

While on ebay one day browsing through for bargains I found several business ideas for sale. This is how I discovered the misspell search idea. However, the idea came from an ebayer who was selling the ‘idea’ or busienss plan. I bought his disk for around £10. It was at a time where ebay had decided to disallow ebook sales.

You had to sell something physical for it to be allowed on ebay. (This was in the UK and I believe you can still do this elsewhere). Before this rule change came in I had bought some ebooks of a similar type. I simply paid via Paypal and accessed my ebook online. The seller had set up the entire process already and it worked a bit like an online vending machine.

This struck me as the kind of business which I wanted. It was fully automated and you could sell products and deliver them without even being there! All the process of setting it up once done could simply be repeated.

Ready Made Online Business – Affiliate Marketing

ready made online business

This simple idea of selling a digital product over and over again to multiple customers through a simple website wouldn’t go away. I spent a lot of time creating products of my own to sell. I made many websites too in a bid to attract customers. There was one thing missing – I didn’t know what I was doing!

It took a long time to learrn everything I needed to know to get things moving.  I learned how to build websites, drive traffic, set up advertising and create content. Unfortunately it took years to do and even after all this work my business model wasn’t working.

I needed a ready made online business. It would have saved me a lot of time and effort.

Ready Made Internet Business – What Wasn’t Working

Some of what I had learned was working. I had tried many courses claiming that they would make money. The problem was I didn’t know who to trust on the internet. I jumped from one tactic to another. Too many of them relied on getting ranked on Google too. Ranking content is hard – especially now. I built hundreds of websites which simply didn’t get any traffic using one ‘system’. I spent years of my life chasing my tail trying to find the magic bullet of internet success!

Ultimately it led me to a ready made internet business which teaches what I now do. You can access it here. But why was this any different and why does this work when previous models I was following didn’t.

A Ready Made Online Business – What’s Different?

The model I was following (eventually) was affiliate marketing. I was trying to sell digital products online because that’s what I had most success with. I tried all kinds of methos before coming to this realisation. Google, Adsense, keyword optimised domain names – you name it I tried it! I was perhaps a little scatty and jumped around too much but at least I never gave up!

What I learned was that even with an online sale of a digital product I only made $50! I would need to sell these by the thousands in order to make this a realistic living. And even then I would need to keep doing this over and over. I often questioned my sanity and wondered why I was pursuing this after such adversity. Everyone told me not to bother and to get a real job!

A Ready Made Online Business – Multiple Streams Of Income

By choosing the right digital products to sell you can much more easily earn a real income from the internet. Membership products for example will pay you a monthly income for people you have referred to a product. Products like web hosting and other online software carry monthly subscriptions. By using these products in your product range you can gain much more leverage with your online business.

Sell the right products online and you can make what is effectively royalty payments for work done previously.

Other considerations when choosing a ready made online business should be:

  1. Does it have high ticket products which you can benefit from?
  2. Do up-sells closed by the product owners cound towards my commissions?
  3. Is there a built in sales team closing sales on my behalf?
  4. Do I make monthly commissions from memberships?
  5. Do I get training and ongoing education?
  6. Is there a community to join where I can connect with people?

Take a look at this video series for more information and to get started with your ready made online business.


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