Profitable Niche Website Ideas

Looking for profitable niche website ideas? Building a niche website which is profitable is the goal of many online bloggers. The reason is simple. If you can own a website which will pull in a monthly wage, at the minimum, you no longer need your job. Finding a profitable niche website which can rank for its main keywords and sell products automatically it a fantastic way to earn a living.

profitable niche website ideas

Once your site is up an running and starts to make money, you can build on your success and keep building on it until you are making sales continuously through Google. The problem is that there are thousands if not tens of thousands of people attempting to do the exact same thing. Finding an untapped market niche from which to build a website around is like the holy grail. 10 years ago it was much easier. Now there is a lot more competition.

Profitable Niche Website Ideas

Although it is a good idea to start a blog around an idea you are passionate about, there are many areas which are already over subscribed. Choosing a niche which is already very competitive will mean you have a harder time of it when attempting to rank your content on Google and get free visitors.

The main areas which are very competitive are: weight loss, dating and making money online. This doesn’t mean you can’t create a niche site in one of these areas, just that it will be much harder to do so. You can create a site in any area. However a niche which is untapped and which can rank well on Google’s search engine is the aim for a niche site. Any site can be made profitable with the right sales structure and a good advertising campaign.

profitable niche website ideas

Profitable Niche Website Ideas – Choosing the right products

I spend a considerable amount of time finding niches and building sites around targeted keywords. I built a lot of sites and in most cases they simply didn’t make any money. For some the products were wrong but in most cases I simply didn’t get enough traffic to them. Also I didn’t have the passion and interest in the topics I choose. I build a site for “pasta reciepes”, one for “mushroom growing”, I had a “how to build your own shed” website, a website for “finding missed calls telephone numbers”, one for finding “bargain cars in auctions” and many more. I had so many sites and spread myself too thin. The main problem was I wasn’t interested in the topic – I just wanted to make money!

I had some small success with some of these sites but mostly they were redundant. It’s a very sad experience when you pour months of your life on building these type of sites which eventually come to nothing. However I learned a few valuable lessons.

  1. I simply didn’t have the time or passion to continually blog and add value to these sites.
  2. I expected too much for too little.
  3. I wanted the end result and wasn’t prepared for the work involved

I decided I was passionate about the online business and personal development niche and so built this site after finding The SFM company.

Profitable Niche Website Ideas – Online Affiliate Training

profitable niche website ideas

After failing again and again with various online schemes I decided to start again. What worked this time is a different type of business model. With most small affiliate sites, you have an affiliate product which you sell from your blog. By targeted your perfect audience you can refer them to your product or service. There are two problems with this model.

  1. The products don’t always sell very well
  2. You don’t get enough traffic to your website.

With enough traffic your sales will increase. However, get the wrong product, or target audience and you’ll never sell anything.

Profitable Niche Website Ideas – The Right Sales Model

Using a different sales model proved itself to be the right move for me. In addition I found my passion and this has helped me to keep going online. Without this shift I would have easily given up on the idea of making a living from the laptop. This sales model has proved itself far better than the many other “one-off sale” affiliate products I was trying to sell online.

  • High Ticket Products allow you to make 50% of a larger price tag. This means the same amount of work brings greater rewards than for say a $100 product. By selling products priced at $2000 + you can earn $1000+ commission on a single sale.
  • Membership products allow you to make monthly commissions rather than one off sales.
  • Built in sales teams allow you to sell products after the initial sale without any further effort on your behalf.
  • Selling access to community – Community based products give greater value and built relationships with existing customers.

Profitable Niche Website Ideas

Access the training and education to take your internet business to the next level. For more profitable niche website ideas take a look at this website. 

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