Productivity Killers In Your Online Business

What are the productivity killers in your online business?

If you’re got an online business, it’s likely that there’s a few things which stunt your growth, distract you, and send you into procrastination, overwhelm or confusion. There’s a few ways to avoid these success killers. (See Top 10 saboteurs to your success).

working on the internet

Many a time I’ve become overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information within the online training I have access to through the business community I belong to. (Access videos series here). That’s why it’s set up in step by step modules at the beginning.

Once you’ve finished these modules, there’s a few decisions to make. It’s easy at this stage to become overwhelmed, and get nothing done. Your business doesn’t move forward and you get ‘stuck’. Months later when you emerge from your haze, your business isn’t any further along.

Having a road map for your own personal journey is pretty important to keep you moving forwards and making progress by taking positive action.

Productivity Killers In Your Online Business – Overwhelm

Overwhelm has hit every online business owner at some stage in their business. There’s simply too much information available on the internet. Once you get into some training, you’ll still be pulled in all directions from conflicting ideas, different strategies and a bunch of emails landing in your inbox on a regular basis.

productivity killers in your online business

The key to navigating this successfully is to find your path. Once you’ve got a business system setup (see video series to start), you’ll need marketing. There’s many ways to do marketing and your choice of marketing will depend to an extent on where you have positioned yourself in a business system.

With The SFM business, you’ll need to be positioned at the top tier to take advantages of the highest ticket commissions you can earn. When here, you can also use the more expensive (and better) advertising platforms such as YouTube, for example. With lower value products, you’ll likely need to focus on free marketing strategies.

Productivity Killers In Your Online Business – Free Marketing Or Paid?

This is one of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make as an online marketer, with any online business – whether drop shipping or affiliate marketing or whatever!

With paid marketing, you get instant traffic. With free content marketing strategies, expect to work for at least several months before you can attain the same amount of traffic.

Whichever direction you choose will depend on your business model, understanding of what you’re doing and personal situation. Ideally get yourself a mentor or join a community so you can ask which strategy or strategies would suit you the best.

productivity killers in your online business

Productivity Killers In Your Online Business – Doubt

No matter how well you define your plan, there will always be a small seed of doubt in your mind as to your choice of direction. After all, even if you decide on paid marketing or free marketing strategies, (or a combination) there’s still a lot to choose from:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Blogging
  • Article Marketing
  • link Building
  • Video creation
  • List building
  • etc. etc.


Indecision has been one of my main problems. Should I do YouTube, should I blog. Free marketing or paid marketing? ‘Fortunately‘, in the early stages of my online business, free marketing was all I could afford – so my choices were more limited back then! (I was broke).

productivity killers in your online business

But as you start to make headway in an online business, there’s more choices to make. Getting caught in indecision and procrastination has been a common theme for me. When you notice this tendency, stop and focus on doing something productive. Notice your mindsets because they are super important. An indecisive mind can set you back years, if you let it grow. Instead, do some positive action and make it a daily habit. Imperfect action is far better than perfect inaction.

I’ve spent months worrying over what I should do while doing nothing productive. Then, I’ll get a sale from my blog! – If only I’d spent the last 6 months writing more blog posts, things would have been much better! But alas I spent it worrying and procrastinating!

Right Action

Right action is the best thing for procrastination, indecision and worry. The trouble is, you don’t necessarily know what right action is when starting out with an online business. So, you need to start with training and education. Join an online community of entrepreneurs who can help you first. Get the help you need. Once you know your direction, you can start taking some imperfect steps forward in your marketing.

productivity killers in your online business
Napoleon Hills Think and Grow Rich

Keep in mind, your initial steps will be imperfect because you won’t have any experience of marketing. Over time, you’ll start to see what’s working and what isn’t. Then you can implement Pareto’s Principle (the 80/20 rule): Spend more of your time on the 20% of causes which bring you 80% of the results.

Fail Forwards

Before you get to this stage you’ll likely have to learn by failing! This is where many online business attempts get unstuck! Many start out with affiliate marketing, fail a couple of times and then declare that it doesn’t work!

This is a huge mistake.

Most affiliate fail many times before they find a strategy for success. When they do, they can repeat this strategy and even automate it. This can be a complete game changer in life! Once you start making money online, you won’t want to do anything else because it gives you complete autonomy!

Get Started

If you’ve yet to start an online business, you can access all the tools, training and education you need here.

You can access an online business system, tools and software which has taken much of the hard work out of building an online business. There’s still work to be done of course, but there’s a blueprint available for those who are nervous, unsure or think age or technical ability is a barrier to entry! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Access a FREE on-demand workshop video series here to learn more.

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