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Are you looking for a power of subconscious mind pdf? The subconscious mind is more powerful than most people give it credit for. It keeps us safe and regulates our heart rate and breathing, 24 hours a day. The subconscious is also constantly ‘eves-dropping’ on our dialogue with ourselves and with others. It listens to our desires, goals and problems. But most of us create too much confusion for the subconscious mind.

We constantly chatter to it, giving it conflicting signals and desires. Without a clear message, our subconscious shuts down and stops listening to the chatter. Or, at best it gives us the results in our lives based on a variety of conflicting ideas. Our beliefs, attitudes and desires compound over time to create our circumstances in life. If we learn to tune in properly to our chatter, we can be much clearer on what we want and communicate a better message to the unconscious.

power of subconscious mind

“Remember what has been said about the unconscious mind resembling a fertile garden spot, in which weeds will grow in abundance is seeds of a more desirable crop are not sewn therein.” – Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich.

Power Of Subconscious Mind Pdf

Take a look at Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow rich in PDF format here.

Access several of “the power of subconscious mind pdf” ebooks through this article on entrepreneurship development ebooks. One of my favourite books on the power of the subconscious mind is Stuart Lichtman’s How To Get Lots Of Money For Anything Fast. In it, he explains what he calls the cybernetic transposition three step technique. This is a strategy for getting all parts of your brain to line up in unison to focus on the accomplishment of a specific goal.

power of subconscious mind pdf

The problem with goals in general is that we have competing parts of our mind looking in different directions all the time. One part of us thinks we want something so we set our mind and focus our attention on it. But when a competing part of ourselves contradicts this goal, we fall back into an old behaviour pattern and repeat the familiar instead.

Power Of Subconscious Mind PDF – Self Image

power of subconscious mind pdf

The self image has a great deal to do with what we are capable of creating in our lives. If we can learn to control and change the self image, we may be able to make far greater changes in our lives than through goal setting and striving. That’s because our self image is a large piece of our “jigsaw” of who we think we are.

Maxwell Maltz discovered that some of his patients would continue to create problems for themselves in life, even after they had facial plastic surgery to change their appearance. He discovered that if they first changed their self image, many of them no longer needed the surgery they so desperately wanted.

The self image lies in your subconscious mind too. Your constant thoughts and ideas about life, and who you are, make up the “chatter” which feeds into your subconscious mind and your self image. By altering this pattern and giving your subconscious new instructions, anyone can learn how to change their self image over time.

Access Maxwell Maltz’s (Power Of Subconscious mind pdf) Psycho-cybernetics pdf.

Power Of Subconscious Mind PDF – Stuart Lichtman

Stuart Lichtman’s Cybernetic Transposition three step process is a powerful process of training your conscious mind to co-ordinate with your subconscious feedback mechanism. As you set your main goal and repeat it to yourself, you will notice many contrary unconscious objections will appear.

power of subconscious mind

This might cause you to rewrite your main goal in order to become more congruent with the many competing parts of your mind. Let’s say for example you want to earn more money. But when it comes to generating money you focus only on the strategy which you currently use. If you despise your job or don’t like your boss, there’s going to be a strong ‘away from’ motivation which gets in the way of your earning more money.

By carefully asking your subconscious mind for feedback, you can come up with a better goal which meets all your needs and which you are powerfully attracted to. If you want something, but have a push pull attraction to obtaining it, you won’t be very motivated in obtaining it.

Aligning your conscious and unconscious minds is part of the alignment process which will enable you to better choose powerful goals to create more of what you want and less of what you don’t want. Access Stuart’s book here.

The Real Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

Your thoughts and words are powerful too over time. By choosing more empowering thoughts and words, anyone can change their circumstances over time. The problem is, we often repeat the same stories to ourselves over and over. Then, we wonder why our lives don’t change as we would like them to. To start empowering yourself begin to notice how you speak in conversation and in particular, how you speak about yourself. You might notice a pattern develop in the story you tell others. Pay close attention because you are writing your own life story here! By at first noticing our story about ourselves, we can empower ourselves to become more aware of our speech.

Thoughts Become Things

Our thoughts too, are powerful. They start out as only thoughts, but over time they become ideas and beliefs. Have you noticed that everyone has a different take on the world. How can you explain all the different circumstances in which people find themselves? Every person has a story to explain their circumstances. This story becomes the reasons why people’s lives are as they are. But we can step away from our circumstances by telling ourselves a different story. It can take some time, but eventually the story will find a means to become a reality.

All of the most prolific books of the time relate to the idea that our lives are created through our thoughts. Of course our circumstances dictate how things appear to us, but it is our attitude towards our circumstances which can change it.

Checkout the books below:

Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

As A Man Thinketh – James Allen

Stuart Lichtman’s PDF – How To Get Lots Of Money For Anything Fast

Working With The Law - Raymond Holliwell

See too, all the titles I share in my article entrepreneur development ebook free download.

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