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We could all do with a passive income coach in our lives. Creating a passive income is no longer only reserved to people who earn from their wealth. It’s easy to earn a passive income when you have tens of thousands in the bank already. However, most people don’t have this kind of money hanging around with which to earn interest on. The other kinds of employment which lead towards a passive income are writers, directors, actors and authors. Unless you are in the kind of business which rewards work done previously like this, you have little chance of earning passively from your job.

Passive Income Coach – The Internet

I started looking at ways to earn from the internet quite a few years ago. The internet offers probably the best and most accessible way for anyone to earn a passive income from their previous efforts. Most jobs pay you for your time. If you’re lucky you get holiday pay and sick pay. But on the whole, if you stop working you stop getting paid. Trading time for money is becoming more archaic as time goes on.

passive income coach
Passive Income Coach – Make a passive income online

The rise in technology and robotics has affected many people’s job security already. Look at the supermarkets as an example. Checkout tills have been almost completely replaced by automatic self-checkout tills. Where there used to be 10 manned tills there is now only one. There are many examples of other business sectors affected by the rise in technology: Blockbuster (film rental), Travel agencies, the music industry, newspapers, bookstores and the list goes on. Many companies have had to turn to the online world in order to keep their business from sinking.

Passive Income Coach – The Opportunity

passive income coach
Meet my mentor Stuart Ross

Despite this there is a plus side to it all. The technology also means that we can benefit from in the form of digital businesses. The growth in online technology has made many advances to help people build websites, send emails, track visitors on their websites and advertise globally on the internet. Anyone can learn this and platforms for developing a business online are now user friendly so anyone can learn how to operate them.

A passive income can be built online for a low start up cost and around existing employment. However, you need to put in the work first before you earn a passive income from it.

So How Is Passive Income Earned From The Internet?


There are a few ways to earn a ‘passive’ income from the internet. One method is by using Google’s Adsense program. Many people make a full time living from Adsense. Adsense is an advertising program owned by Google. By placing code on your website or blog you earn money from people clicking on your adverts. Each click is only worth a few pence, depending on your content. You need a lot of traffic to your website to make a good passive income from it and this takes time to build up.

Affiliate Marketing

The other way to earn passive income is to sell digital products with memberships. Affiliate marketers make money online by selling other people’s products. Digital products in particular can earn the affiliate up to 40% of the cost the item. Of course you need to keep selling products to keep earning money. This is where memberships come in. If you sell multiple products which all have membership sales, you keep earning commissions every month for each of your referrals. Selling lots of monthly memberships means you keep earning for work you have already done.

Building An Email List

Building an email list is the number one tactic for successful online entrepreneurs. This is because an email list puts you in control of your website traffic. Much of your emails can be placed on autopilot, so all you need to do is keep building your list of subscribers. Access a pre-built email list and learn how to start your own online business here.

passive income coach

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