‘Ooo That sounds like a Dodgy Pyramid Scheme’

Having done a few years of Kleeneze and become a stunt performer, I am no stranger to the nay-saying non-believer with their chants of ‘sounds like a dodgy pyramid scheme to me’! Yet I still make the same mistake of trying to talk my friends into this business. I am still learning that it is more dangerous to my belief in the business than it is helpful to them as I am continuously met with intricate arguments and beliefs which completely disallow the possibility of such a thing. 

The thing I am talking about is of course The Six Figure Mentors – the guys who have personally helped me and thousands of others become free of their jobs and lead a more fulfilling and flexible lifestyle. Get their free video course here.

What I normally do when I get a negative response now is simply not talk about it anymore as it can easily drown out my own enthusiasm for the business. One of the latest arguments was something along the lines of ‘Well you’re not really giving anything of value you’re just selling a course which teaches you to sell the course’. If you can completely change your lifestyle and quit your job surely then this is something of value?


Another response was simply ‘Well it’s a shame the people at the top get all the money’! Why is it? They created the whole community and allow all of us to benefit from it! I would say it’s more than fair for them to allow us to sell their products for the high commissions that they do! They give tremendous value and can genuinely help people.

It seems that many people have built a huge barrier to the possibility of change. It is always the very people who need it most but are not willing even to look past their own limiting ideas. It makes me sad! I would like to help all those friends of mine who are currently struggling financially but I have to accept that it is not for everyone. I will just carry on and find people who do want to succeed in this business!! If money wasn’t a problem for people they wouldn’t have such challenges in their lives and maybe they would lose something very valuable. Perhaps there is something to be said for the ‘struggle’. People have invested in ‘struggling’!

For me I need to learn the lesson that this isn’t for everyone and not talk about it anymore to people who are closed to the idea. Doing so makes me doubt the very thing which has given me such hope. This is a lesson I am continually faced with and it reminds me of something Jay Kubassek said at the Momentum Day in London. He said “you don’t have to justify it to anyone”. Stop looking for acknowledgement and justification to your friends and peers. It struck a chord with me as it has been something which I continually am faced with. It is about being confident in your own direction without being needy about it or needing the approval of others. It is about believing in yourself and following your own path despite what others say about it.

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