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Are you looking for an online startup community? An online business can offer a means to start a business which has the potential to replace your existing income. Although individual results will vary, an online business system gives anyone the opportunity to start a global business from anywhere. If you already have a startup business, this online startup community can help too by offering a range of training and education for the purpose of building an ongoing and scalable online business.

Online Startup Community – My Story

online startup community

I started looking to the internet as a means to earn an income several years ago. I initially looked at ebay, the massive auction site, and started selling items from my home. Before long I was buying things from car boot sales and then charity shops and selling them for profit on ebay. I later turned to ebay itself to find badly listed items I could relist for a profit. Here is the strategy I used successfully for a good while:

After while of doing this I decided that it wasn’t going to make all my dreams come true! It wasn’t working because although i could make a profit on many of the items I bought, it still took all my time to run it, list products and answer questions from any potential customers. I bought an ebook around this time and the simple act of buying a digital products from the internet set me thinking.

If I could buy a product which was automatically downloadable, I could also sell something automated and downloadable. The major benefit would be that it could be automated. I pondered on this for a while and looked for a better business model.

Online Startup Community – From Ebay To Selling Digital Products

online startup community

So what has this got to do with an online startup community you may ask? Stick with me because I’m getting to that. I later found an online startup community which I will share later in this article. Scroll down to skip the end!

After a little digging I found a different business model. One which could be automated and which benefitted from selling other people’s digital products over the internet. Before I found this model, I wasted a lot of time trying to make and sell my own digital products.

Don’t do it unless you know what you’re doing! You can waste a lot of time. Plus, it’s almost guaranteed that there’s a better product out there already, which you can use. The model I found is a simple business model known as affiliate marketing; maybe you’ve heard of it already.

Affiliate marketing is basically amodel which allows anyone to sell someone else’s product on the internet and earn a commission based on their sale. One of them main benefits is that sales are automated. You don’t need to personally sell, deliver or store any products. Nor do you need to speak to any customers. Affiliate marketing is a model which can be automated, much like the ebook I originally bought. Not only that but it can be scaled up.

Online Startup Community – What Now?


online startup community


After finding the business model of affiliate marketing I struggled to make sales. I tried various online strategies and found that much of my efforts were wasted. Only about 10% of the things I did actually worked. So surely I should just focus on these 10%. Yes! But it took me years to realise what worked and what didn’t. If I had an online startup community years earlier, things would have been much faster.

I tried several strategies over several years and two main strategies produced the best results:

  • Paid advertising
  • List building

I wish I had an online startup community when I started all those years ago. It would have saved me years of hard work and struggle. When I found this community things began to change. If you’re looking for an online business and a community of business owners to tap into to help you build your online business, get started here. Access a range of high ticket affiliate products, a business system, push and click platforms and websites and sales funnels to help build your online business. Click here to access the FREE 7 day video series.


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