Online Marketing Strategies PDF

Looking for an online marketing strategies PDF? You can download this full article on PDF here. There are several online marketing strategies which are useful for both on and off-line businesses. Content marketing, paid advertising, video and article marketing are just a few of the strategies you can use.

Online Marketing Strategies PDF – Article Marketing

online marketing strategies pdf

Writing articles on your blog is a great way to attract customers to your product or service. You want as much coverage as possible from your articles. This means sharing them on social media and ideally getting them to rank on Google for your keywords. This can give you a good free source of traffic for potentially years to come. How you go about writing articles will determine how successful you are at getting them to rank on Google, and the other search engines.

Article Marketing – Choosing Your Keywords

Before you even start to write your articles you should carefully choose keywords which are both a good fit for your (potential) customers and for Google too. Choose the wrong keywords and your articles may never rank. Get it right and you can have multiple streams of free traffic for each article you write.

Long tail keywords are much less competitive than short tail keywords. By choosing keywords which are specific to your business niche, have buyer intent and are less competitive on Google, you can target the ‘low hanging fruit’ and get more people to your blog per article written. See keyword research for niche sites.

Article Marketing – Writing Your Articles

You also need to write your articles so they offer value for the readers. Content is king when it comes to ranking your articles on Google. Google won’t rank poor quality, low value articles. Look at the top ranking articles for your chosen keywords for an idea of what you have to compete with.

You should also use a plugin if you’re using wordpress which lets you better judge how your article is perceived. I use an SEO plugin by Yoast. This tells you how many keywords to include in your article and a number of other factors which contribute to its success. Factors like the number of words you use, keywords in the subheadings, and readability also contribute to your overall standing with Google.

 Sharing and Linking

online marketing strategies pdf

Once you have written your articles your job isn’t over. You still need to share them and get them out there. Don’t rely on the search engines to do this all by themselves, you will be disappointed! By sharing them on social media and around the internet you are also getting people to share them too, if they like what they read. A great article will be naturally shared by people who see the value in it.

You can also link back to your articles with a variety of keywords in your anchor text. The more links you build back to your artices, and the more varied they are, the greater the chance that Google will see your articles as relevant and valuable. Ideally build backlinks by guest blogging from relevant websites in your business niche. You can also blog comment and comment on forums with a link back to your article. All this helps Google see how popular your articles are. A good amount of social sharing prompts Google to rank your articles accordingly.

Other Factors

Google is pretty clever. They hire ex-rocket scientists – literally! You can’t ‘trick’ Google anymore, not for long anyway. In order to rank your articles and keep them ranking you must provide the best quality articles possible. Look at the top ranked articles for your target keywords and you will see what you are up against. Write a better article than the top ranking one with more content and more words.

Don’t try and write for the search engines but write for people. Google can see how long people stay on your website reading any given piece of content. If people quickly click away this shows Google that there is little to be had from your article. Learn more about keyword research and article marketing with my ebook Niche Blogging for Profit.

online marketing strategies pdf

Online Marketing Strategies PDF – Free Advertising

If you have a local business you can also advertise with Google Places. This service lets you place a free advert for your business which typically comes up first in the listings when someone is searching for your kind of business nearby. If you don’t already use this service and you have a physical business then you definitely should. It’s free advertising and you will get more customers by using this service.

Bing and Yahoo also do a similar service so you should use both of these too.

Online Marketing Strategies – Paid Advertising

You can download this online marketing strategies pdf here.

Paid adverting online is now incredibly sophisticated. Anyone can use pay per click advertising programs for a very small start up budget and build up their daily spend when they see profitable results.

Google Adwords and Facebook advertising are just two of the many online advertising programs which you can use to advertise a business. The benefit of paid advertising is that it can be turned on immediately. Traffic can start flowing to your website within a few hours of starting up a campaign – unlike article or video marketing which can take several months before you start to see the results.

Pay per click is brilliant method of marketing because you can test and measure. By changing small parts of your online marketing strategies pdfadvertising campaign and cross testing one advert against another repeatedly, you can eventually find the most profitable advertising campaign. Once you do, you can increase your budget and effectively turn up the ‘tap’ to greater profit.

Learn more about paid advertising methods in my ebook The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing.


Online Marketing Strategies PDF – Retargeting

Retargeting is a great online marketing strategy. It lets you place ‘cookies’ on your website and ‘follow’ your visitors around the internet with adverts. This massively builds your website presence. Without it, people can leave your website never to return. Retargeting allows you to keep in touch with those people who have landed on your website and then left. As they browse the internet, cookies which are placed on their browser lets Google know who they are. They are then served with your specific adverts and your sales message. You can learn more about retargeting in my ebook The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing.

Download this article online marketing strategies pdf here.

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