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Are you looking for an online business mentor? Finding a business mentor to help with your online business can be a huge help, particularly if you are struggling. A year ago I found an online business mentor by the name of Stuart Ross. I was struggling with my affiliate business but also ran a small part time martial arts school. My school was struggling as was my affiliate business. What I have learned through the Six Figure Mentors is invaluable and it has taught me not only how to effectively market my martial arts business using online advertising, but also useful mental strategies to improve self image and set and achieve meaningful goals.

An affiliate marketing business.

In my early years of learning affiliate marketing I had learned how to build websites, create content, sell affiliate products and many other tools. However despite all this knowledge, I was still struggling to make a sustainable income from the internet. Much of my day-to-day activities within my online business was in searching around for something new which I hadn’t thought about before. In fact I would say the first year or so of working online was in following some formula or another, getting frustrated, looking for something else, starting again. Each time I would learn some new skills and then move on to something else once I had put the time in and not seen any results. My whole online ‘business’ had been like this up until about a year ago when I started afresh with the SFM. I also decided to be a ‘beginner’ again.

Before then I had only seen some small results with one ‘system’ before becoming distracted with another methodology. What I was missing was direction and belief. I didn’t fully believe in any direction I had taken and so as a result, when the results were not forthcoming, I looked for something else. The problem is that it does take time to see any particular methodology through, and you need to have a clear direction and focus. And of course you need to have belief in what you are doing in order to keep yourself motivated through the rough patches. I also thought, incorrectly, that I could find an easy path to riches which didn’t require hard work and sacrifice. Now I know the path that I am on is the right one and the steps I need to keep taking in order to succeed:

1. Find a mentor – preferably a community of people who you can go to for help when it is needed.
2. Make a plan – something which you can stick to even when it gets tough
3. Make connections – without this vital step you are on your own. You can easily get distracted or diverted by others who don’t believe in your ‘mission’
4. Keep going. Building an internet business takes time and you must keep going. You will get disillusioned but the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is perseverance. Once you have seen some results, you will gain belief. Until you do, it is important to keep your belief strong by:
5. Mix with other people on your same mission. Having other people who share your goals and dreams is vital for long term success. Trying to share your dreams with people who doubt, fear or discourage you from building your internet business will dampen your spirits and make your journey much harder.
6. Set small achievable goals and action steps – don’t set unrealistic goals too early, you can get discouraged. Aim at small easily achievable goals first with definite action steps.

I tried for years to make an internet business work but lacked the proper support and direction and belief to make it work. I doubted myself and each ‘system’ I tried. The SFM has a proven system based on building a list and selling other people’s products – high ticket products. For a long time I was concerned with ranking my websites on Google. However, anyone who has ever attempted this will know this isn’t as easy as it sounds. For starters there are another 1000 or more people trying to do exactly that. It is competitive. Plus Google can change the game at any turn – and often did in my experience. Building the list is the most self reliant way round this particular ‘trap’. Of course you can use Google too but just don’t rely on it or you will eventually be dissapointed.
High ticket products are also worth promoting because it gives you more leverage when you come to use paid advertisements. Selling smaller items means that you have to either use free advertising or gear your adverts in such a way as to ensure a higher buying rate. With high ticket products you can recoup much of your advertising spend with a single sale.
Monthly residual sales are another sure fire way to build a long term sustainable income source from the internet. Selling only one-off products doesn’t guarantee a sustainable income. If you sell a membership to something it means you can earn every month from one sale for as long as the person stays a member.

So the best ways to build your own online business are:

1. Get a mentor and join a community
2. Sell high ticket products
3. Sell membership products.

The other mistake I made was to try and sell my own products. This can be a fatal error for many online marketers because there is no guarantee your item will sell. Added to that you need a marketing plan and so you can fail also at that hurdle – marketing is a skill in itself. There may not be a market for your item which you can spend months or years developing before making an income from.

4. Sell other people’s products which already sell.
5. Learn by earning with other people’s products before selling your own products.
6. Get a plan and stick to it.

Having learned some basic marketing tips from the SFM I put the marketing advice to use in my martial arts business. I immediately increased my number of enquiries and found I was unable to cope with the increased demand. The beauty of an internet business is that an increase in demand doesn’t impinge on your time. Getting more people through your sales funnel isn’t a problem because the systems are already in place to deal with an infinite amount of people. Because most of the systems in an online business are automated, you can concentrate your time and energy on one thingbuilding your list.

Having an instant product, sales page and follow up email list is a great bonus for any would-be marketer. It eliminates much of the work needed 10 years ago in order to build an internet business. Begin your training today and start your own internet business buy purchasing the application for $29.95. By joining a community of like minded individuals all building their internet businesses, getting access to high value affiliate products, and having an instant website, email series and training program, you will have the edge on thousands of would-be internet marketers who will never achieve the lifestyle freedom and financial freedom they set out to achieve.

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