Nomad Careers

Are you looking for nomad careers? Nomads are wanderers and as such they get bored easily in a static job or career. Do you have constantly itchy feet and feel like you have to keep moving? Here’s a few options which mean you can work and don’t have to be tired to one place. nomad careers

Nomad Careers

Nomad Career #1 – Pilot

nomad careers

To become a pilot you need to do a lot of training and this can be expensive. An alternative would be to join a flight crew as a steward or stewardess. Pilots and flight crews get to travel continuously around the globe. However, they don’t always get to choose how long they stay in a place or where they go!

Nomad Career # 2

Travel Agent/Rep – Travel agents get to go abroad and stay in holiday destinations as a ‘guide’ and ‘goto’ for holiday makers. This might suit you better because it means you get to see more of a place before jetting off home, as in the case of a pilot or steward. Reps also work in local shops though so you might have to balance your travels with some ‘shop’ time. See how to become a holiday rep.

Nomad Career #3 – Traveller

‘Travellers’ love to travel and don’t mind what they do when they get there. They often pick up part time work in factories and farms picking vegetables, or even working in bars. You can also work as an au Pair or in a summer camp or resort. More details.

Nomad Career #4 – Travel Blogger

nomad careers

Many people become bloggers after they have chosen travelling as part of their lifestyle. They then start to write about their travels and get noticed by other travellers following their advice on hotels, b&b’s and hostels. You can also monetise your blog with adverts and affilaite marketing. I know a travel blogger who makes a regular weekly income from hotel and car rental companies simply by placing their adverts on his blogs. Every time he travels he adds photos and more information on his blogs to help other fellow travellers out.

Nomad Career # 5 – Affiliate Marketer

Become An Affilaite Marketer – Affiliates don’t necessarily need to write a blog but some affiliates do. You can create video, blog about your travels and create adverts to target a specific worldwide audience. With the right business model you can leverage the power of the internet to increase your income exponentially. This business model turns the traditional working model of 9 to 5 completely on its head. By using digital advertising you can sell online products to a global audience from a laptop from anywhere with an internet connection.

nomad careers

Nomad Career#6 – Work On The Cruises

Cruise workers can be away from home for long spells. If you don’t mind being on a ship and can find a suitable job which suits you, you get to travel the world and earn money at the same time. See cruise jobs for more deailts.

Can you think of any other nomad careers? Comment below with any ideas.

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