Niche Website Ideas

If you’re looking for niche website ideas your goal is to presumably make money from them by ranking on Google’s search engine and generating free traffic? This is something which I have spent some time on in the past and still make a trickle income from a few of my sites. The tactic here is to find a long chain keyword term of three or more words which generates a high amount of traffic but has little or no competition. Once you have built your site around the keywords you already have a source of traffic from Google – providing you can rank your site at the top of Google for it.

The other thing to bear in mind with this is the intent of the keyword phrase. Does it have buying potential and is it a buyer keyword? What I mean by this is that if your phrase is “free DVD download” for example, you are targeting visitors who are looking for a freebie rather than a buyer keyword. A buyer keyword could be anything without the word ‘free’ in it but should also point to a specific need which can be met with yours or someone else’s product. You don’t need your own product to sell because there are hundreds of online products you can sell which are already doing very well.

Niche Website Ideas



A niche website stands on its own ideally at the top of Google for its own keyword phrase. It also provides something of value to its visitors and is monetized by either your own products, someone else’s product/s or by using Google’s Adsense program. There are other ways to monetize of course but those are a few to start with. If you’re thinking of starting a niche website it is a good idea to pick a subject you can easily write about as the more you can post on it the better it will be for building traffic. If you pick a tricky subject it can be hard writing about it for any length of time.



One keyword phrase I found was “When to harvest Garlic”. It had little competition and a reasonable amount of traffic. However once I had learned all about garlic and when to harvest it and built the site, I no longer had the desire to invest any more time in it. As a result the site fell from the very top of Google (for this keyphrase) to obscurity. There are plenty of blogs which compete for this phrase and which are always active – and this is what Google wants. If you build a site you’re not prepared to work on then the chances are that it will eventually fall into the abyss of the internet over time.

Where to begin

Firstly you need to find a keyword which not only has a number of searches through Google on a monthly basis, but also hasn’t yet been found by the thousands of hungry affiliate marketers doing exactly the same thing as you! There are literally trillions of combinations of words and there will always be some small niche which has yet to be found or created. Start by heading over to the Google Keyword Tool – now called the Keyword Planner. Type in a main keyword and you will be given a list of other keywords which are searched for on a monthly basis. Usually you will need to have a long chain keyword of at least three words in order to find something which you can rank with.

If you’re building a website around this keyword then you should have at least 2000 monthly searches for the keyword before you even begin. The greater the number of searches the more potential you have of making money from your site. Remember this is the number of searches and not the number of people landing on your site should you manage to rank it at the top.

What next?

Next thing is to check for your competition. There are various tools for doing this one of which is the very popular Market Samurai. You can do a ‘sniff test’ without this though by typing the keyword phrase into Google in “quotation marks”. This will give you an idea of the number of competing sites who are competing for this particular keyword phrase. The number appears below the search bar on most computers but this doesn’t work on all devices – you may need a laptop. Any number below 20,000 gives you a reasonable chance at ranking your site but you also need to look at the kind of sites which rank highly in a normal search. Authority sites are the ones to avoid such a Wikipedia or major organisations and institutions. If these are ranking highly for your chosen keywords it might be better to find a less competitive keyword phrase.

I learned about Niche Websites from a online course created by a guy called George Brown and although I had some success with his system it never really delivered the success I was really wanting. It took a long time to rank any of my sites and I really struggled to make money from them.

Since then I have found the SFM who have personally mentored me and many others in turning an internet ‘hobby’ into a full time business. Learn how thousands are now doing the same and subscribe to this free video series. 


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