Niche Market Ideas

Finding a single or many untapped niche market ideas might allow you build a website and rank it on Google. But what then? If you can rank highly for some good niche market ideas you can potentially get free traffic for a lifetime! Attach a good product and there’s a nice income that comes with it.

But suppose you work hard and never reach the top spot. Or you choose products which don’t really match your website properly? You can spend a whole heap of time chasing the dream of the ‘easy life’ of an internet marketer and never attain it! Even if you do achieve a top ranking on Google, you can easily slip from top place if you don’t keep up with it.

Niche Market Ideas – Chasing The Dream

niche market ideas

I bought into this idea of finding niche market ideas and then building niche websites around them. One of the first online courses I subscribed to taught this strategy. Back then (10 years ago now) it was a strategy which perhaps worked better for the creators of this course. It involved buying domain names with carefully selected niche keywords in them. Having a keyword rich domain name used to carry more weight than it does now.

Once you get our domain name you then build a website around it and content to suit your chosen topic. One of my websites was or something similar! I built the main landing page as an email capture page and then started building content to rank it on Google.

However, it was a failed attempt and Google saw straight through my thin, pathetic content! I knew nothing about recipes with pasta of course and I found my content ideas online and created some content simply to find traffic to drive to the products.

I created many more thin affiliate websites just like this one too. I had a website about mushrooms, one about car auctions, a phone number related website, a spanish language course and many more. I threw them up very quickly expecting them to all generate affiliate sales.

Of course I was disappointed when I sold almost nothing in the way of affilaite products. I did sell then odd one but the thrill of selling online was short lived. All of those websites are gone now. The most successful one was which made an actual sale of an affiliate product. I managed to sell shed making plans through it which I found on

Niche Market Ideas – Taking It On The Chin

After frantically chasing my tail for a few years online and following this flawed model, I decided to no give up! It wasn’t a decision really. I couldn’t give up. I knew there had to be something to this online business idea. I was just too stubborn and wouldn’t let all my well wishing friends and relatives put me off the dream!

I recall the quote Emerson made about his developing of the incandescent lightbulb when someone put it to him that he had failed so many times: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas A. Edisonniche market ideas

Having tried and failed many times I looked into what I had been doing. It wasn’t entirely a failure since I had actually sold some products online. I had also attempted other methods of income generation like through Google Adsense and had some small successes here too.

I considered it all feedback rather than failure and decided the most money to be made online was with affilaite products. Although I had some success with ranking websites by choosing good niche market ideas, by and large it was a failed model. For the time it took to build and create content I could have built a far more successful business online with an entirely different strategy.

I went back to the drawing board and took and entirely different approach.

Niche Market Ideas – You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

niche market ideas

I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I really only had online videos to follow of the courses I had subscribed to. I knew noone at that time who was attempting to build an online business from scratch. My knowledge was flawed and my education was lacking. Even after all of the experience I had gained and everything I had learned I had to accept that I still knew nothing. After all I had basically failed to make any real money out of my attempt at an internet business.

I found another online course and decided to follow it to the letter. Here’s a few of the things I realised which set it apart from what I was previously doing:

  • Instead of trying to sell a single product which made $50 for a sale, sell products with memberships instead. Memberships let you make money every month from each sale. This gives you an income from a sale, rather than a nominal amount of money.
  • By selling high ticket products you can make back your advertising budget much more quickly. Paying for advertising meant my campaigns ran straight away and I wasn’t waiting 6 months to see if my website would rank on Google.
  • Selling products which pay affiliates for back end sales means more income sources after the initial sale. If the company closes these on your behalf so much the better.

All these shifts made me see the bigger picture of what an online business should really be. Selling low priced digital products for one off payments didn’t seem viable any more once I realised this model.

Access an online business model which has all these benefits together with training and a community of online entrepreneurs.

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