Niche Market Examples

What is niche marketing and what are niche market examples? A niche is a specific interest related topic which can be targeted to a certain demographic through advertising. Let’s say you have a surf board company and you want to increase sales. Rather than targeting anyone who might be interested in purchasing a surf board, you get specific about your target audience. They may be a certain age lets say between 16 and 25. They may also have other related interests which you can target in your marketing. They may life near a beach. By targeting these specific people with your advertising campaigns, you are much more likely to increase sales than if you were to simply advertise on a broader scale.

You could also go further by promoting a surf board wax and targeting this to people who already surf. By cross promoting your board through your wax you are finding existing surfers and selling a more niche product.

Niche Market Examples – Websites

No-one understands what niche marketing is better than bloggers. Bloggers and website builders create a niche market and then capitalize on dominating their particular niche. There are so many websites and bloggers that a good niche is one in which the competition is very low while at the same time there is still a good level of interest in the subject matter. A good niche is often a niche within a niche! This is because there is so much competition for so many ideas and topics on the internet. By narrowing the topic to something very specific, you can get found for your chosen subject more easily than the topics which are flooded with information.

Choose A Niche

Looking at niche market examples can help you to choose a niche which you are happy to build a niche website around and build an income from the internet. The specific niche you choose will to a large extent determine how well you do in terms of organic free marketing – Google’s search engine to be more specific. If your niche is in a very competitive market such as affiliate marketing, for example, it will be much more difficult to get found in the organic free Google listings than in my first niche marketing example: “scrapbooking”.  Here’s one of the first websites which

Niche Marketing Examples


comes up for a search for “scrapbooking”. As you can see “scrapbooking” or “scrapbook” gets a good number of monthly searches. In addition, keyword combinations around “scrapbooking” will be much less competitive than another niche such as “dog walking” “affiliate marketing”, “Cooking” or “working from home” for example. This is


Niche Marketing Examples


because it is a good untapped niche with little competition. Targeting niche markets like this for small specific websites is a great way to make an income by dominating a certain field or topic. However you do need to choose wisely. Get your market wrong and you might find you get no traffic from Google.

Niche Market Examples – Target Audience

In the example above I have used niche marketing in terms of building a niche website. See niche website ideas for more of these. Niche marketing can also be use for a larger company targeting a small group of its target audience. To know what this is for any given company you need to define your target audience. See why is target market important. Defining your target market allows you to get to know exactly who you are aiming your advertising and marketing at. Knowing this intricately will let you define a niche market which you can target with any specific advertising campaign.

niche marketing examples

Why Niche Market?

So why not just target a broad section of society with advertising? The answer is because by being specific you can ‘lazer’ focus your campaign to reach the 20% of your ‘audience’ who are more likely to buy. Not only that but when you narrow down to a specific section of people you eliminate much of the competition. By getting niche you are being specific. You appeal to a certain ‘type’ of your demographic with a specific marketing campaign and therefore narrow down your audience at the same time as narrowing the competition.

Talking Directly To Your Niche Market

This doesn’t mean simply telling them to buy your product. Well, not so obviously anyway. By using the language of your target market, speaking how they speak and connecting with them in some unique way, you can appeal to them and they will relate to your image. Television advertising does this very well by tailoring the advert to a specific demographic. Advertisers use actors who will appeal to a certain age range, for example. The colours, sounds and words spoken are carefully crafted to include and appeal to their target audience. If an advert doesn’t appeal to you in some way, it’s likely that you are not in that adverts target audience.

niche marketing examples

Are You Meeting Your Customers Unique Needs?

Is your product or service meeting the needs of your customer? By defining your product or service’s unique selling point, you can better identify who this will appeal to and target those specific people.

Testing Your Market

To determine the best specific audience for your product will require testing on various demographics. Your demographic needs to be wide enough to include enough people to make multiple sales, but specific enough to appeal to a good proportion of those people. Get your demographic too specific and you can’t scale up your advertising to reach more people. Too wide a focus will mean a small proportion of sales for each advert. By testing with small amounts in the first instance, you can use adverting with Google Adwords and Facebook to target specific demographics.

Facebook Advertising For Niche Market

Facebook is very good for niche marketing. Once you know your demographic you can target by age, gender, geographical location, interests, hobbies, work and a lot of other stuff too. By testing various adverts, landing pages and sales copy against each other, you can zone in on a profitable advert and niche.

Adwords Advertising For Niche Market

Google’s Adwords program allows you to target adverts to specific keyword queries which are types into the search engines browser bar. You advert will only show for the keywords you choose, so again a great form of specific niche marketing which targets only those people you choose.

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