My SFM Review

I signed up for the SFM course only a couple of months ago after seeing one of Stuart’s videos on Facebook. I had done some previous courses on the internet but I just couldn’t get past a certain point. It was like a ‘wall’ of fear holding me back in hindsight!

The tutorials given in the course initially, I thought, I didn’t need but I diligently worked my way through them. I thought I should start again and decided I didn’t really know what I was doing in terms of an internet business. I had dabbled but only come up with very small successes which were short lived.

I now realise that I was holding myself back in my naive belief that I thought I knew it all!! These guys know what they’re talking about. They have actually achieved what I only dreamed about. Only when I dropped the idea that I knew something did I really start learning…..

Why choose SFM?

Once I started through the materials I realised there was going to be a lot to do. This wasn’t just a ‘set and forget’ scheme and I noticed that one of my own short comings was that I thought the internet was going to offer some sort of magic bullet to success which I could achieve without any hard work on my part. This is definitely one of the best businesses to get involved in hands down but in order to get the systems in place there is a certain amount of work which is needed. Once that work has been done however, and you understand how it all works, this model offers a greater freedom and flexibility than pretty much any other ‘job’!

What was great when I arrived in the SFM system was that instead of being stuck on my own with a bunch of videos was there there is a community of people here who really want to help. I had paid just $30 to ‘get in’ and I had a bunch of people emailing me and welcoming me. That felt strange and I immediately knew that this was something different to the usual ‘online business success’ courses out there.


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