Most profitable online businesses

The most profitable online businesses are either selling high value items or are linking up with huge email list owners who can reach thousands of people with the click of a mouse and sell affiliate products their to list by the thousands. This is being done every day by thousands of affiliates. The two most profitable online niches are high value products and selling smaller value products to email lists by the tens of thousands. If you could do both simultaneously you would have a great business model.

most profitable online businesses

So how can we get hold of high value products and at the same time build our own email list? Building your own list is one of the main keys to a successful online business. Once you have built a list of subscribers you have a way of reaching thousands of people instantly without the need for finding traffic through a website, or any other form of advertising. Building a list takes time but it is definitely worth it, providing your list is a list of quality subscribers and you build a relationship of trust with them.

What is a quality subscriber? 

Your list should be targeted to your products, (more on products later). They should be interested in what you have to offer and therefore you should only get people into your list or sales funnel who are interested in your product or service. (See what is a sales funnel). A quality subscriber needs to be pre-framed before allowing them into your list. What this means is that they should know exactly what you are offering as a service or product before they enter their details into your email capture – (see right hand side of page for my email capture).

High ticket products

High value or high ticket products are one of the key factors used by the most profitable online businesses. Selling a high ticket product means a greater commission or percentage of the sale for the sales person. Selling a lower value product means having to sell many more in order to make the same commissions as only one or two of the higher value products.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing allows almost anyone to promote and sell other people’s products online. If you can do this by promoting to a list of subscribers and selling high ticket commissions, you have a formula for a very profitable online business. This is being done successfully already in a business model which allows you to benefit from high ticket products (and higher commissions), and which also teaches you every aspect of the businesses while making money – an ‘earn while you learn’ model.

Start your own online business today

You can build your own profitable internet business by using this model. You will learn list building (your own list, not someone else’s), website creation, promotion, advertising, article marketing, video marketing, self empowerment and have access to a state of the art back office with a community of support and everything else you will need.

To learn more and start benefiting from high ticket commissions, and building your own email list click here for access to the free video series which explains more.

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