Most Lucrative Blog Topics

Some will tell you the most lucrative blog topics are the evergreen ones. You know, the ones which make money all year round. Evergreen topics are things like the health, wealth and dating a relationships niches. They are popular topics and make money all year round.

However, if you’re just starting out with a blog, you should know also how competitive these niches are. In a very competitive niche, you’ll be competing for traffic from Google (and other search engines) with thousands of other bloggers and website owners. Many of whom have been around for years and have thousands of back links to their sites.

Most Lucrative Blog Topics – Wealth Generation

most lucrative blog topics

Wealth generation and money making online blogs are also considered to be in amongst the most lucrative blog topics. But they’re massively competitive too! Breaking into these massive niches isn’t going to be easy! Affiliate marketing, for example is one of the most competitive niches. Even if you delve down into a micro niche within a niche, you’ll struggle to make headway in the online marketplace.

So what are the most lucrative blog topics then? Those which you’re able to get traffic from, and convert into sales of course!

Most Lucrative Blog Topics – Traffic Vs. Sales

Just because you’re in a lucrative niche doesn’t mean you’ll make any money. Millions of affiliate marketers start out building a blog only to find 6 months or a year later that they still don’t have any traffic. And if they do have traffic, it doesn’t convert into sales anyway! Why? How can you work your arse off and still not make any money in a lucrative niche? Because those niches are already massively over subscribed. There’s millions of sites doing just that and which already have a huge advantage over the single blogger who writes a single post a day (or even a week):

  • A domain name over 10 years old
  • A team of people writing for them
  • Thousands of back links from authority sites
  • Money to spend on advertising

That’s not to say it’s not possible to make money in a lucrative niche as a newbie. You just need to be savvy about it!

Find “Your” Niche – Don’t Aim For so-called “Lucrative” Niches

For ages I was confused about how to get traffic – visitors to my blog. Then I was confused about how to turn that traffic into leads, then I was confused about turning those leads into sales!

That’s an awful lot of confusion! It took me a long time to realise where I should spend my time and what I shouldn’t do! Have you heard of Ikigai?

most lucrative blog topics

Ikigai is a Japanese term which can be summed up as your “reason for being”. It’s the place where your passion meets your profession, vocation and means of income. When you find your ikigai, you’ll know exactly what you should be doing in your blog. Finding what you’re passionate about can make a huge difference to finding the most lucrative blog topics for you.

Blogging takes time and isn’t a quick win. To become successful with blogging, you need to in it for the long run. That means you should also pick a topic or niche which you’re genuinely interested or passionate about. If you’re only interested in making money, your blog content might reflect this to your audience. But what’s in it for them?

Most Lucrative Niches – Working Smart

It pays to work smart as a blogger. You’re going to be writing a lot of content over months and years, as a blogger. If you sell anything from your site, make sure you choose products which pay you over and over again. Working smart as a blogger pays off. Firstly choose a topic you love, and can write about until the cows come home! Next choose recurring income affiliate programs to promote to your visitors.

Two major mistakes I made when starting out were:

most lucrative blog topics
  • Using low cost physical products which paid me next to nothing in affiliate commissions – books from Amazon, for example.
  • Building blogs around keywords in the hope that I would rank, even though I had no knowledge (or interest) in the topic.

D’oh – face palm! I learned the lesson the hard way. One of the sites I built was about mushroom harvesting. I was determined to at least get a website ranking at the top of Google. And I achieved it too. Unfortunately it was in the mushroom harvesting topic which I knew nothing about! This meant I had to research every one of my posts which was exhausting. Monetising the blog was difficult too. What products could I sell around mushrooms? Well I found an affiliate product but needless to say it didn’t pay very well.

Not only was it very difficult and time consuming writing about harvesting mushrooms, but also it was difficult to monetise too! It was also a seasonal blog, which only had traffic half of the year. Eventually I lost interest in the blog and it slid down the Google rankings until I decided to stop investing in it. Lesson learned! Don’t choose a topic that you:

  • Know nothing about, or
  • Have no interest in

Most Lucrative Blog Topics – Micro Niche Blogging

Finding your ikigai and also finding digital products which pay you recurring income is a good start. Another factor is finding a micro niche to build a site in. With a general site, your content can be about a broad range of things. But with a micro niche site, it is about a very specific topic. Building a blog around certain keywords can give you an advantage in terms of traffic. Particularly if this marries up with your area of interest and your products. Here’s a niche blog I built and the step by step procedure with which to do it.

most lucrative blog topics

Micro niche blogs are built around specific keywords which can help it rank on Google and get the much needed “kick” of traffic required. Converting traffic into sales is another matter of course. This requires converting visitors into subscribers through an email marketing opt in form.

Traffic and Opt In Rate On Your Site

Many bloggers make the mistake of focusing solely on getting more traffic to their blog. But making a blog profitable is about not only getting and building traffic, but also converting traffic into subscribers, and converting subscribers into customers.

You can increase your number of sales just by increasing the conversion (opt-in) rate on your site, assuming you have a reasonable number of visitors to start with. Eyes on your website is not the only number to consider. Most of your website visitors will browse your website and leave, never to return again!

With an opt-in offer, you get the opportunity to give something of value to your visitors, and get them on your email list. Then, you can keep in touch with them for potentially years and even decades! This dramatically increases the time period with which they can make purchasing decisions.

Most Lucrative Blog Topics

The most lucrative blog topics might very well be evergreen topics such as money and finance, relationships and dating, health and fitness. These kinds of topics are called evergreen because people are interesting in these topics all year round. A site like my mushroom harvesting blog, on the other hand, might get traffic but is only of interest for half of the year.

However, going after super competitive topics like make money online, dating and relationships or health and well-being, can be very difficult. A blog is only going to be lucrative if it gets traffic (visitors) to purchase things from it! The biggest problem with newbie blogs is traffic. Then the problem is leads and then sales.

So the most lucrative blog topics is a subjective idea. You’ll need to create a successful blog first before you’ll make any money from it. That means creating a resource which is of value AND which gets traffic – ideally free traffic from the search engines like Google. To do this well here’s my rundown of what’s most important:

  • Pick a topic close to your heart. If you love what you write about, you’ll be able to sustain your blogging for the long term. This will dramatically increase your chances of success from a blog.
  • Work smart – pick products which offer recurring commissions.
  • Work like hell and never quit!

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