Most Lucrative Affiliate Marketing Programs

What are the most lucrative affiliate marketing programs? Before a long journey into affiliate marketing, I started with ebay. I bought and sold items from the site. You can see my strategy here. I figured eventually that I was on to something which didn’t have any future. It was a time heavy business model and I knew there was something better out there.

I bought an ebook from ebay while searching for a better business model and was amazed by the ability to buy and download a product. This made sense as a much better business model than what I was doing. It was an automated sale! This discovery led me to affiliate marketing. It wasn’t long after that I started looking for the most lucrative affiliate marketing programs.

Most Lucrative Affiliate Marketing Programs

most lucrative affiliate marketing programs

I didn’t find the most lucrative marketing affiliate programs at first because I was in ‘frenzied mode’ and jumped from one course after another continually. I tried all kinds of methods but initially used Clickbank when I started doing affiliate marketing. Back then I was excited by the model itself and couldn’t wait to make my first online sale. It wasn’t an easy ride but I knew that if I coud make it work, it would be an income which was scalable. That was what kept me going.

My main problem was traffic as I suspect is most people’s problem with an online business. I tried ranking articles and creating content. It couldn’t come fast enough for me though, and I got caught in shiny object syndrome: jumping from one strategy to another without any real long term focus. It wasn’t until years in that I discovered what I consider the most lucrative affiliate marketing programs. Until then I didn’t realise the potential of affiliate marketing. I was just playing with it really and treating it as a hobby, not a real career.

Lucrative Affiliate Programs

most lucrative affilaite marketing programs

I had found some success with selling a few digital products. However, my success was built on falling sands. I struggled for a long time before making any sales and then when it started working I had my Adwords accound shut down. I threw in the towel for a while but came back to affilaite marketing later. Nothing could offer the same level of freedom and flexibility in terms of working. I was determined to make it work, whatever it took!

I had two easly successes; one with a review article for an affilaite product and the other with Google’s adwords program and an email marketing campaign. I should have known at that moment where the future of affiliate marketing was but I was too distracted and didn’t have a focus.

My review gave me a sale but it was a short lived success. I didn’t make any more, just the one. The email series however, gave me regular sales and on a fairly low budget. I paid advertising to send people to an email capture page and collected emails. From there I promoted an affiliate product.

I sold many of these before I got shut down. It was the obvious route to online success: buy targeted traffic and deliver great products through email marketing.

Most Lucrative Affiliate Programs

most lucrative affiliate programs

Some time later and after a lot of disappointment, I saw an advert on Facebook which read: “Struggling With Your Affiliate business?”

I had to say “yes” – I was! So I clicked the link and decided to start again and empty my ‘cup’. Over the years I’d learned a lot, but I was getting nowhere. I was about to discover the most lucrative affiliate programs. My mindset was the first thing at fault. i was stuck in learning mode. I was learning one skill and then the next without moving my business on financially. By using high ticket items, subscription products and a product range I soon learned the ‘edge’ that the top affiliates had.

I had been promoting single low valued items which only paid me once. I learned that by choosing a product range which paid me commissions for ‘up-sells’ (closed automatically and by a built in sales team), I could earn so much more for each sale I made.

Subscription products too make a huge difference to your rate of commissions. By selling commission products, you can earn monthly payments for each sale. This makes your business much more viable and you are then able to re-invest the income back into scaling up your business with paid advertising.

I made my first high ticket sale within about 6 months of accessing this 7 day video series.

High Ticket Products

most lucrative affiliate marketing programs

High ticket products allow you to earn more per sale than normal lower valued items. For ages I was selling lower valued items of $100 for a 40% commission. I made $40 on each item but that didn’t really give me the leverage to scale up my online business. Selling $1000 products makes all the difference.

Although you might make more $100 sales, a single $1000 sale is worth ten of the lower valued sales. It isn’t ten times as difficult to make the higher ticket sales either. You just need to target your audience differently and it often comes down to the same amount of work for both sales.

Subscription Products

The most lucrative affiliate marketing programs include subscription products. Subscriptions pay you again and again for a single referral. As your customer base grows, your monthly income grows. A normal shop has regular customers. Businesses are built on their repeat custom. Why should an online business be any different? use subscriptions because it gives you more leverage and better cash flow. this in turn gives you the ability to scale up with paid advertising. More on this later.


most lucrative affiliate marketing programs

If you’ve even been to McDonald’s or Burger King you may have noticed they have an up-selling policy. “Do you want fried with that?” “Do you want to go large?” etc. It’s maddening! But it works! Up-selling is the art of selling to existing customers. You already have a customer and that customer is much more likely to buy again from you than someone who isn’t a customer. By having a range of products you can promote to existing customers, you can build a business much more successfully than by chasing new customers continually. Use affiliate products with a product range and automated up-selling.

Multi-Tier Sales

Most affiliate companies don’t offer you the ability to build a team and earn a percentage of your team’s sales. This is similar to Multi-Level Marketing. It allows you to earn commissions on sales you don’t personally make, but that you have made through your referrals. By your actions you are generating sales for a company because you referred one of their affiliates. Most affiliate companies pay you once only for your initial referral and then they benefit from your loyal customer – potentially for life. The most lucrative affiliate marketing programs reward you for your referrals and the sales of your referred affiliates too. (This also depends on your level in a sales system).

Most Lucrative Affiliate Marketing Products – Ways Of Selling

most lucrative affiliate marketing programs

Not everyone will have the same experience of affilaite marketing. Some will do well and others won’t do as well, or they even completely fail to earn anything. This often depends on the strategies they use and how they understand the business model.

Using paid advertising and building an email list is the fastest method of building a lucrative online business with a model like the one described above.

The most lucrative affiliate marketing programs pay you in a variety of ways and have ongoing sales. Because of this, it is worth investing in your list. As your sales grow you can get to the point of automated up-selling, multi-tier sales and high ticket sales. Your subscription products will continue to bring in an income too, once you start making sales.

Initially though there is an investement in order to grow a list and sell you initial products. With a high ticket product range there is also an investment in the business model itself too.

Access a range of high ticket subscription products and the tools and training to start your own online business from scratch. Start here with the free 7 day video series.


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