Money Rich Time Poor: How To Escape The Time For Money Conundrum

Are you money rich, time poor? You’re not alone. There’s a growing dissatisfaction among many who’s careers have taken too much time in their lives and left them feeling disempowered; no matter how much money they make.

Once you’ve bought into the lifestyle which your career allows, you’ve become trapped by the allure of what was once an attractive proposition. The problem is that now, spending time with family or enjoying life is more attractive. Even though your money worries are behind you, you have another problem; time is ticking away and you’re spending it all at work! Or much worse, you are begging to detest spending time at work, with the people who are surrounding you, and controlling you.

money rich time poor
Time or money? Your move!

But what if there was a way to have both time and money? Surly there is a way to use technology to free up our time while making money so we can make the most of the precious time we have left to spend with the people we love, instead of working all hours just to maintain a once utopian idea of what life was about!

Money Rich Time Poor – Escaping The Work Trap

If this sounds familiar, bear with me! It is the 21st century after all, and along with self driving cars, automated check-outs and electrical tin openers, there are strategies which you can now use to earn money from a laptop. This is available to anyone who has enough of a reason to pursue it and who is hardworking enough to make it happen.

money rich time poor

Here’s the story of how I came to be running an internet business from my laptop. If you want to skip it and get to the point, scroll to the end of the article.

The business model I’m talking about it affiliate marketing. But it’s also a slightly different take on affiliate marketing. If you don’t know what this is, check out my article here on why I do affiliate marketing and why you should too.

In short affiliate marketing is a business model which allows anyone to earn money from a laptop from anywhere by selling other people’s products and services online.

Money Rich Time Poor – Excuses

I know what you’re thinking: I’m too old, I’ve no experience etc. etc. However, anyone can learn the strategies to create an online business from scratch given the right environment, training and support. What’s most important however is the desire to build an income from the internet.

For me, this was a pretty strong desire. I was struggling financially and working on and off as a stunt performer in film and television. See my website here. Unfortunately, this income wasn’t very consistent and I had a multitude of other jobs in-between the ‘dream’ career.

Over time, this because a bit frustrating to say the least and it wore me down considerably, even to the point of losing my love for the once dream career of being a professional stunt performer!

money rich time poor
My first job on ‘Enduring Love’

Initially, this seemed like the perfect scenario. I had time off and well paid work when it came in. Over time however, it struck me that this wasn’t the lifestyle I had once dreamed it would be.

So I looked to the internet for some possible solutions, trying all manner of ideas before finding something which actually worked!

It wasn’t an easy journey, of that I can assure you. But eventually I met a couple of online entrepreneurs who gave me some reassurance that the industry wasn’t entirely filled with sharks!

money rich time poor
Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek – Two Successful Internet Entrepreneurs and Mentors

Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek are the founders of an online business community known as the SFM (Six Figure Mentors). They have built an organisation which helps people build an income from the internet, escape their current employment and live more fully by using digital technology and a clever business strategy.

the sic figure mentors
Here’s me with Jay Kubassek at a London training event

Access a free 7 day video series to learn more here and get started.

Money Rich Time Poor – How Does This Program Help Me?

So, your probably thinking how can this help me? The SFM offers a digital training and education program with everything you need to build a successful online business from scratch – even without any experience. It offers all the tools, software and support you need to start profiting from the online market space.

Because an online business can allow anyone to sell other people’s products (affiliate marketing), it enables anyone to start and grow a scalable business, even with no products of their own.

A Digital Marketing Business – The Sales Funnel

By creating a sales funnel – which is a marketing funnel with digital products to sell, affiliates can direct customers via email to various online products and services which they might want. Because product delivery and customer service is already fulfilled by an in-house team, affiliates only need to send traffic (website visitors) down their sales funnel.

The sales funnel can be set up and marketing can be automated around an existing job or career. This is one of the major benefits of an online business. It can run around the clock, even when you’re at work! So, for someone who is time poor and money rich, an automated digital sales funnel is something which can allow them to build a business which eventually exceeds their current income by using the leverage of digital products and a global audience.

Time, Money & Leverage

money rich time poor
Stop trading time for money…

Of course this doesn’t happen overnight! See how long does it take to make money with affiliate marketing. However, the advantage of an online business is that once your sales funnel is set up and working, you can scale it up by increasing your budget once it’s working.

If you’re time poor and money rich, you can use your available time to set up systems and strategies which will enable your funnel to operate 24 hours a day on complete autopilot. This works well for those who have little time to spare but can afford a paid marketing strategy.

Alternatively, you can also use other strategies such as content marketing to build your online business. This takes longer, but if you have the time to do it, and don’t have the funds for a paid marketing strategy, this could work for you.

A Clever Business Strategy

When I started learning affiliate marketing I tried all sorts of marketing and product ideas. I wasted a huge amount of time because I didn’t know what I was doing! I was all enthusiasm and no knowledge. Don’t make the same mistake!

The SFM business system is one of the best I’ve found online. It lets you set up a sales funnel and automated email series which is mostly done for you. All you need to do is market your funnel and this is taught through the online training platform, videos, webinars and live seminars.

money rich time poor
Behind the SFM back office

One of the main problems I found with affiliate marketing was that you didn’t benefit from the lifetime value of a customer. Most affiliate marketing involves selling a product once and getting a single commission. With The SFM this is different. You can benefit from multiple points of sale, even if you only refer the customer once. You can also benefit from subscription products (membership or software products).

This was a game changer for me. If you sell a single product, you only get one commission. However, if you sell a subscription product, you can earn commissions for a lifetime from each sale. This is one of the fastest ways to replace your income with affiliate marketing.

With certain digital products online you can earn up to 50% commission on a single sale too.

The SFM business strategy successfully combines multiple earning strategies including:

  • Subscription products
  • High commission affiliate products
  • A range of up-sells closed by an in-house team of sales people
  • Multi-tier sales – earn from sales made by your referrals
  • Digital products – offer the highest level of commission (up to 50%)
  • A globally scalable business system

Access a FREE video series to learn more.

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