Mindset Shift From Employee To Entrepreneur

There’s a huge mindset shift from employee to entrepreneur which is needed if you’re to become successful. There’s a whole heap of assumptions you might bring with you from an employee mindset. As an employee, we get paid for turning up each day and showing our face!

We get holiday entitlement and sick pay. Entrepreneurs don’t get many of the perks employees do. They take far greater risks with their time and money. So when you’re attempting to transition from employee to entrepreneur, it’s useful to have an awareness of your own assumptions and limitations.

Mindset Shift From Employee To Entrepreneur – Assumptions

My own personal experience of shifting from an employee to an online business owner has taught me a lot. When I opened a martial arts school, I imagined it would be the best thing in the world. I thought people would flock in and I’d get paid for doing what I love!

I stuck to what I knew – training hard. But what I didn’t realise was that working “in” the business isn’t the same as working “on” the business. Employees are technicians working in a role. You can’t bring that same mentality to entrepreneurial life. It simply won’t help you build a business.

As I worked harder and harder in my martial arts school, I found the numbers declining. Nobody had the same passion as me, and I was left with an empty class. But my mistake was doing what I did before owning a school. I worked hard on myself but that didn’t translate to value for others.

I later learned how to market my school and give people what they actually wanted. But this was a completely different mindset to what I assumed I should do.

Similarly, I shifted from working as a content strategist for a company to owning my own online business. I took the same mentality to my business, as I had learned in the role of an employee: work really hard as a “technician”. So I blogged and blogged for years, churning out content in the hope and (false) assumption that this would build my business for me! It didn’t!

Mindset Shift – Vision And Focus

Building a business as an entrepreneur means seeing a bigger picture. You can’t work as a technician (or employee) and build a successful business without looking at the bigger picture. Or, at least you should have looked at the roadmap for your ultimate outcome. An entrepreneur is a visionary and needs to keep one eye on the vision and the other on the steering wheel!

mindset shift from employee to entrepreneur

When I started learning about online business, I made some assumptions about how I would like to work building it. It only involved those things I really enjoyed doing! I liked building websites and writing content so I focused only on those things. I had been taught how to create websites and get them ranking on top of Google. Unfortunately most of my sites didn’t work and I didn’t make any money. I just worked on what I enjoyed!

I jumped from one course to another looking for the magic bullet of online business. But I didn’t realise that my own intention carried an assumption about online business: that it was going to be easy, and I could just do what I enjoyed! I was looking for the easy path and there were plenty of people ready to sell me a course based on that!

Focusing On Where You Want To Go

I always hated those network marketing salesmen when they suggested you should think of what you really want for your ultimate life. “Imagine if you had all this money, what kind of house would you live in?”, “What kind of car would you drive?” and all that B.S.

mindset shift from employee to entrepreneur

But I later realised that as an entrepreneur you need to have something larger than what’s right in front of you driving you forwards. Employment is safe and easy and works for most people. But entrepreneurs have a need which isn’t met by being an employee. It doesn’t need to be a materialistic need even, just a motivation which isn’t met by working in a normal job.

In the present situation with the Covid-19 crisis, this need is all the more apparent for many people right now. There’s a need to become more self reliant financially. There’s a need to put food on the table if you don’t have a job or an income.

Mindset Shift From Employee To Entrepreneur – Safety

There’s safety and security in a job. We become acclimatised to the relative safety of a steady job and this makes us less motivated to take action. We can also become more risk averse the longer we have spent in a career which gives us financial security. After all, we are in a nice, safe, steady job! Why take any risks? Out risk aversion can definitely hold us back in an entrepreneurial role too.

Over time, we put up with all manner of obstacles and adversity so we can retain that steady pay cheque. In entrepreneurial life, there’s a whole host of other obstacles to overcome. Only, they are very different to those you’ve learned to endure in a boss – the commute, the boss, the long hours, being away from your family and so on. Entrepreneurial life can give you the freedom to choose when and where you work. But it comes at a different cost and that is venturing into the unknown, risking time and money and doing things differently.

And you can spend money, time and stress yourself for nothing too! There’s simply no guarantees with entrepreneurial life.

Employee Comfort Now Vs. Entrepreneurial Comfort Later

Many employees are comfortable – at least financially. They are in a steady job and build their lives around their steady income. They get comfortable with this way of living and the longer they do it for, the harder it becomes to change.

Entrepreneurs see things differently. They are prepared to exchange discomfort in the present for a lot more control and independence later (delayed gratification). They see things longer term and are prepared to work hard at things most employees would never consider.

For example, some bloggers work hard at their content for years before they eventually break through the barrier and start seeing income coming in on complete autopilot. All the time they spent isn’t rewarded until years later. But those kinds of rewards are hard to attain with an employee mindset and wanting to be paid for your time.

Trading Time For Money

Most employees bring a trading time for money mindset to entrepreneurial life. Or, they bring a 9 to 5 mentality of doing “just enough”. Entrepreneurs see things differently. They will work all hours to realise their goals. Entrepreneurs know that they can achieve something different if they overcome the barriers to their success.

Mindset Shift From Employee To Entrepreneur

Lack of belief, apathy or lack of vision will all act as silent killers to your entrepreneurial dreams and goals. Entrepreneurs build their belief through the people they hang around with and the material they allow to enter their mind! They read material which will help them grow and develop and avoid people who have a negative effect on them.

There’s a saying that your income is the average of your ten closest friends. So become mindful of who you give your time to and avoid the complainers if you want to build a business. Most people will be more likely to undermine your efforts with their words than to egg you on and encourage you.

Mindset Shift From Employee To Entrepreneur – Language

Your language and thoughts encourage or deny certain beliefs which can help or hinder you in business. If you believe you can’t do something, you’ll go out of your way to prove yourself right! So belief is the driving force behind what you can accomplish. Most people are simply unaware of the power of their words in creating their world. Often people hang on to old versions of themselves to fulfil some need for identity. This can all halt your progress when it comes to a mindset shift from employee to entrepreneur.

So it’s worth reading and understanding about how language and self talk affects your mindset. An entrepreneurial mind frame is vital for a business owner who wants to grow, since their business won’t grow beyond the level of thinking they bring to it.

See motivational books free download and how to transition from employe to entrepreneur.

Limiting Attitudes Towards Money

If you’ve come from employee mindset and want to build an income from a business or some entrepreneurial endeavour, you can stop yourself unconsciously by bringing in some limiting mindsets towards money. If you are creating a vision for your business, but hold some negative ideas in your mind, it’s sure to have an impact on your thinking and therefore your business.

See how to overcome a poverty mindset for more on this.

Money doesn’t grow on trees.

Rich people are greedy.

It’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.

You should only want just enough.

Thou shalt not want

If any of these rings true for you, you might have an issue building a business which is profitable. Make sure you get to know your unconscious beliefs and start reprogramming the unconscious mind for success rather than poverty!

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