Millionaire Mentor Academy

I wasn’t looking for a millionaire mentor academy when I found the SFM. I was looking for some help with my online business. What I found was a group of people who are currently helping me build an online business. I was sceptical at first of course. Anyone on the internet could be just a fantom! I had bought several courses before this one and I never met anyone from an online course. So I attended a live training event expecting to find an empty garage with no-one in! Such was the level of my scepticism!

Millionaire Mentor Academy

It wasn’t a millionaire mentor academy, as such. It had a bit more soul than that! My first meeting was arranged by my sponsor – the guy who had enrolled me. He had earned an affiliate commission by getting me to join this company. However, he also arranged a number of meetings and personal trainings which I attended. I had never met anyone from an online course when I turned up, so I didn’t know quite what to expect. It gave me a lot more confidence in the idea of an internet business. Until actually meeting someone, there was always the voice in my head which said “It’s a scam….run away!”

One of the courses I later attended was run by the company itself, who organise live training events around the world on a regular basis. Here’s me with one of the co-founders of the SFM, Jay Kubassek. I’m that handsome guy on the left!

millionaire mentor academy

Is The SFM a Millionaire Mentor Academy?

The SFM – Six Figure Mentors is a training and education program for anyone who either wants to build an online business from scratch, or who can benefit from their training and education. Their program offers a digital business program to earn from and the training and education to implement a marketing campaign to promote it. Since I joined the SFM, I have used the education to build another business alongside an online business. I have learned various marketing strategies and tactics which have helped me to build an existing business.

If you want to build a scalable internet based business, and potentially earn into the higher figures, The SFM certainly offers this too. But it’s by no means the only option with this program. Of course it has to be said that no earnings are guaranteed with this or any similar program. The SFM offers a training and education platform. But it also offer the ability to build a digital sales platform to use to sell digital products over the internet. There’s a few reasons why this is such an important factor in building an online business.

The SFM – A Scalable Internet Based Business

millionaire mentor academy

Most of the wealthy didn’t get there by working for someone else. A six figure income isn’t achieved by trading your time for money, not for most people anyway – unless you work in Wall Street! Even then, you’re trading your time for money and you’re trapped in your job. With an online business, you can escape the time for money paradigm. The SFM can teach anyone how to build an automated and scalable business model from their laptop, market it and scale it up.

The online community of The SFM is probably one of the most valuable resources I have found online. Before connecting with this millionaire mentors group, I was struggling on my own with the wrong ideas, products and marketing strategies. I just wonder how many other people are doing the same thing.

millionaire mentor academy

Access the SFM digital business system through this video series.

Why The SFM Is Different To Many Affiliate Marketing Products

The Six Figure Mentors offers a digital business system which anyone can use to make sales on the internet. Two of the main advantages to selling digital products are:

  • Anyone in the world can purchase them over the internet
  • You can automate sales

Put these two factors together and you should be able to see why an internet business is so powerful. With the right business model it is so much more so. Before I found this online community I had tried several strategies to make money over the internet. Some had succeeded and some had failed. However, after I made my first high ticket sale, I realised how powerful this business system really was. Before, I was selling physical products from Amazon. Checkout Amazon’s pay rate for affiliates below:

Check Amazon for the latest figures. As you can see, the highest payout for products sold from Amazon for affiliates is 10%. Digital products pay out up to and even above 40% commissions. Of course it does depend on the amount you can sell from a site. However, there’s a few other reasons to choose to promote digital products over physical products as an affiliate.├é┬áDigital products can offer ongoing sales in the form of:

  • Subscriptions
  • Up-sells
  • Multi-tier sales
  • High Ticket products

Most physical product sales don’t offer the ability to continue earning after you have made a referral. You need to keep sending new customers to products in order to keep making sales. The right digital products allow you to keep earning from previous sales. Subscription products such as memberships and software products allow affiliate marketers to do this.

Millionaire Mentor Academy – Applying This Knowledge

Knowing which products to use is half the battle when it comes to building a successful online business. The other battle is knowing how to promote them. Once you have cracked these two problems, you’re in a position to scale up your business. Scaling a normal business involves building out your business premises, employing more staff, increasing the size of your stock and so on. A physical business is limited by its location too. There’s a limit to how many people you can serve at any one time.

millionaire mentor academy

With an online business, you can set up systems and strategies which run automatically and can deliver to an unlimited number of people at once. Business growth is only a matter of scaling up advertising, which can be done gradually and while testing all parameters of the system. This is what makes an online business such a good prospect for anyone who wants to improve their circumstances.

Once the business is running, it can be maintained with very little input because of the automation involved. Access a 7 day video series and join an online community of entrepreneurs who are implementing this business system and creating more freedom and flexibility in their lives.

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