Millionaire Marketing Mentors

Millionaire marketing mentors Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek built their company The Six Figure Mentors to help other entrepreneurs. The SFM helps both business owners and budding entrepreneurs to build lives of greater freedom and flexibility. How do they do this?

The SFM is an online business mentorship community. Mentors Stuart and Jay hold regular live events, online trainings and seminars and teach through their community of online entrepreneurs. Whether you have a business already, or want to learn how to run an online business, The SFM can help.

Access a free series of videos and join the community through this link to learn more.

Millionaire Marketing Mentors

millionaire marketing mentors

What do the SFM offer? The SFM offer a comprehensive online training and education platform. You can connect with online trainings, webinars and even meet people who are part of the community nearby. Stuart and Jay hold regular international live events too, so there’s plenty of opportunity to meet people in person.

The SFM also offers an online digital business system, which anyone can use to earn money and make sales over the internet. Whether you decide to use the trainings for your own business, or use the built in digital business system, you can benefit from the wealth of information this program has to offer.

One of the main benefits of using the training and digital business system, is that you can build a business which is geographically free. It can be worked from anywhere globally and you can learn to sell other people’s digital products through a customised sales funnel.

If you’re not familiar with digital products, you should know that anyone can now earn a living from the internet by selling other people’s products online. Digital products can even pay out 40% commissions to those who sell them. The business model is known as affiliate marketing.

Millionaire Marketing Mentors – Digital Sales Funnel

A pre-built digital sales funnel can allow anyone to set up an online business and learn to use marketing techniques in order to generate sales. Click the image below to see how easily you can have a website set up with your own customised banners and affiliate links within it. Setting up the sales funnel is pretty simple too.

millionaire marketing mentors

Millionaire Marketing Mentors – What Is The Sales Funnel?

The digital sales funnel is a series of digital products which you can sell through your website and a series of emails. See ready made sales funnel. It can allow anyone to build an internet business business from anywhere globally and earn commissions on sales generated by their own efforts. What’s great about this model is that it can be largely automated and it is globally scalable.

The SFM offers a clever business model which allows you to earn in a number of ways through this sales system. You can earn commissions based on:

  • High ticket sales
  • Ongoing commissions on subscription products
  • Up-sells – sales made later to existing customers
  • Multi-tier sales – sales made by your own sales team

As an affiliate marketer you are effectively only concerned with the ‘front-end’ of the business model. Sales themselves are closed by a built in sales team. Up-sells and later sales can be purchased by your customer and you still get credited with the sale. Products range in value from low value items ($30) up to high ticket items worth $20,000+.

Depending on your position in the business model, you can earn 40% commissions on these products.

Millionaire Marketing Mentors – Your Lifestyle

If you’re not concerned with the business model, you can still use the training and education to build your own business too. However, most business models don’t necessarily offer the ability to automate and scale like an online business does. All aspects of an online business model can be automated. Most businesses require you to be working in them to a certain degree.

That means you’re forever tied in! With an online business, you can set up the systems and scale them up to reach a global audience. You can work from anywhere, choose your own working hours and then leave the systems working 24 hours a day. This just isn’t possible for most ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses. 

This is what’s known as a lifestyle business. It means you can build pretty much any lifestyle around your online efforts. This is both because you are able to work from anywhere and also scale up and automate online sales to generate much higher levels of income than you would from simply trading time for money.

By generating income from online sales, you can much more easily scale up your efforts, without trading your time. By using automation and online systems and strategies, anyone can learn how to increase their income, while also freeing up their time.

Join a community of millionaire marketing mentors who are learning and using these strategies to create more freedom and flexibility. Access a 7 day video series by clicking on the image below.

millionaire marketing mentors

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