Making an online sale while you’re at the gym

Making an online sale while you’re at the gym has to be one of my favorite things! Yesterday I came home to an email of a sale of an e-book I am promoting called how to get lots of money for anything fast. It’s an amazing book (especially for affiliate marketers).If you haven’t read it then get your self a copy now! It sounds cheesy but really it is much, much better than it sounds and it will fulfill on its promises providing you follow through on the exercises. I must give it another read.

There’s really something great about selling an online product. It reminds you what you are working towards each day. I’m not raking it in by any means and it has been quiet on the sales front, but every now and then a sale pops up and reminds you why you do this affiliate marketing business. I recently wrote an article about why belief is so important for affiliate marketers and it’s so true. It’s a funny thing when you start an online business as you want to proof that it works before you really put much work in.

making an online sale while you're at the gym


When I first started doing affiliate marking I was looking for the results before I had really done any work. I was uncertain that what I was doing would get me any results, and so I was constantly looking for evidence that I was on the right track. In a normal job you wouldn’t expect to get paid before putting the work in – so why do we set off as affiliate marketers on such unsure footing? I think for for me it was because I was learning as I went and much of my time was spent learning affiliate marketing. After learning I implemented my new skills in building content, driving traffic to websites and linking to affiliate products etc. That’s a lot of learning and work before seeing any results.

If you are insecure about what you are doing and whether it will bring any results, you can’t build up the necessary momentum to keep doing the activities on a daily basis which will lead to online sales and therefore cash flow. I would jump from one idea to the next and never really build up the necessary momentum. You need to know why you are doing it and what activities work with an online business. If you don’t know then you need to learn from someone who you trust. Like a mentor.

Stuart and Jay became my mentors in this business. You can enroll on their free video series here. Building up a momentum in affiliate marketing is done by working towards a bigger picture day by day. You can’t work sporadically and expect great results. This is something I have found. I have jumped in and out of my affiliate business because my belief wasn’t very strong. I doubted it would work and so was always dropping it when jobs came up or finding a new part time job or just losing my faith in it and giving up for periods of time. I started noticing my self talk after going through the training modules in Stuart and Jays course and learning more about self belief. I would verbally knock my affiliate business when talking about it to my friends saying things like ” Fingers crossed” or “Yeah it’s not really panning out yet” and each time I did I would lose slightly more confidence in it. I was undermining my belief in it every time I talked about it.

Persevering with something like affiliate marketing can be a long and lonely road. After all, everyone is trying to get you to get a “proper job” like them! They don’t like to see you like this! But if you want to succeed online it takes time and perseverance. You must have belief in what you are doing and keep doing it even when you are not yet making any money. Keep reminding yourself of the end goal. For me, even little glimpses of the end goal, like yesterdays sale are hugely important to my belief in affiliate marketing and my ability to do it. When it is just you by yourself you need to keep fueling your belief in order to keep working and moving forwards. Disillusionment, despair and discouragement are your enemies and can destroy your belief. Trying to talk to people who don’t understand affiliate marketing or what you are trying to do can also damage your belief if it isn’t strong.

The small moments of success in affiliate marketing are really worth the difficult times and the long stretches of work and uncertainty. When you make an online sale, and you aren’t even sitting at your computer when it happens, it’s really rewarding. What it means is that you have found a system which is completely portable and can be operated anywhere in the world. And that, if you continue with it you will have a means of working for yourself and never having to have a job or a boss ever again! Not only that but eventually you will be making sales on a daily basis from the work you have done previously and this can be leveraged upwards on a huge scale.

To learn more about starting an affiliate business or to use Jay and Stuart as your own business mentors check out the video series here. You can unsubscribe any time and it is well worth having a closer look.

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