Make Money With Niche Sites

It is still possible to make money with niche sites by building a website around a specific keyword. Although niche sites don’t do as well as they once did, due to Google’s algorithm changes, a niche site can still rank on Google. The tactic to make money with niche sites is by creating a useful site with plenty of content, rank it on Google for its main keywords and then promote and sell affiliate products through the site. See also successful niche sites.

Make Money With Niche Sites – Start With Keywords

make money with niche sites

Rather than building a website around a topic and then trying to build content to rank a website, niche sites start with the keywords. This is for two very good reasons:

  1. To rank a site you must find a keyword which is not too competitive – It is much easier to rank a site for a less competitive keyword.
  2. To get enough traffic to your site you must have a good number of searches already for your keyword before you choose it!

This is the basic premise to make money with niche sites. You must also find a keyword combination which can be monetised, has little competition and already gets over 2000 monthly searches. You can search for your keywords using the Google keyword planner which is a free tool. This can take some time. Better to find the right keywords than to rush ahead with the wrong one. Your success will depend on a carefully chosen keyword combination which has all three components mentioned above.

Although you can write content on your site which will target many other keyword combinations (See finding long tail keywords), it will be your main keywords which attract the bulk of your traffic.

Make Money With Niche Sites – Build Your Site

Once you have done your keyword research and found a good keyword combination you can start building your website. Ideally you should choose a domain name with your keywords in it. Google pays less attention to domain name keywords than it used to but it does still carry some weight. Although this is changing all the time and it’s worth looking into this in more detail when you come to build your site.

Build Content And Links

Use Google’s keyword planner to find other long tail keyword chains within your niche which are closely related to your main keyword. These can be the titles for your articles on your website/blog. Write good content and make your site awesome. Good content will be linked to over time organically by your readers and other bloggers. You can also build your own links by offering to write guest posts on related blogs and writing articles for article submission sites like Ezinearticles, Hubpages and the like. It can take some time to create a good website and for it to be recognised by Google.

Make Money With Niche Sites – How To Monetize Your Site

make money with niche sites


There re a couple of main strategies to monetize your website. Google Adsense or affiliate marketing. Google’s Adsense program allows you to place code on your site which show up as adverts. When your visitors click on an advert you make a small commission. The good thing about adverts is that you can use them on any website no matter what your content is about. Google’s code scans your content and creates adverts which are appropriate for your visitors. The bad thing about them is that they only earn you a few pence for each click and they take visitors away from your site – possibly to a competitors site. You will also need a lot of traffic in order to make a good income from Adsense.

This is why, when you are choosing a keyword to focus your site around you should also consider how you will monetize it. 

Make Money With Niche Sites – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to promote other people’s products and services on your website and earn commissions for their sale. Sometimes you can even earn 40%+ of the item’s sale price. Choosing a keyword which you can monetize with a good affiliate program will help you earn money from your website through affiliate marketing.

Make Money With Niche Sites – Your Own Products

You can also create and sell your own products through your website. Of course it takes time to create products and you don’t know whether they will sell or not. This is why it is useful at first to choose a good affiliate program which you can benefit from straight away. However, you can tailor make products to suit your audience in any field you choose, which is why this option can be a good one, particularly if there are few affiliate products in the niche you choose.

Make Money With Niche Sites – Email Marketing

make money with niche sites

All niche sites should have an email opt-in somewhere on their website to collect their visitors email address. By offering something of value to your visitor in exchange for their email, you can build a list of email subscribers who you can send information, updates and offers to. This includes the ability to communicate with your visitors and sell affiliate products through your email list, rather than directly on your website.

The ability to do this means you have a much larger scope for building a relationship with your potential customers. When they land on your website they only have a few minutes to decide whether or not to buy from you. Having their email means you can build a relationship with them for potentially years to come.

Make Money With Niche Sites – Choosing Affiliate Products

The products you choose to sell on your website will determine your success in many ways. You should be careful to pick products which line up with the intention of your keywords and therefore your visitors. You can choose from thousands of digital products to sell from your website at Digital products are best because they offer a large commission on sales and they can be automatically downloaded or accessed online, meaning there is nothing for you to do except to link to them and showcase them on your site.

Best Affiliate Products To Choose

Knowing how long all of this is going to take you should be careful to choose the very best products to promote on your site. By choosing products which offer monthly commissions you can drastically change your income potential. For each sale you will earn commissions on a monthly basis (assuming the member continues their membership). This is much better than only earning for individual sales. You can also benefit from high ticket products, up-sells and a built in sales team. Choose products with all these built in to maximize profits.

make money with niche sites

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