Major Second Income

Looking for a major second income? The internet offers the best opportunity for a business which can be automated and scaled. Automation and scalability are two of the most important assets of a major second income. If you can make money by using some form of leverage, that’s great too!

Steve Jobs said “If I would be given a chance to start all over again, I would choose network marketing”.

Network marketing also offers one of the best chances for a major second income. You can leverage your time by earning money from other people’s efforts. Successfully combining the internet, automation, scalability and network marketing concepts would make for an awesome major second income.

Major Second Income

If you’re looking for a major second income, the internet now offers anyone the ability to profit from other people’s products online. By selling other people’s products you can:

  • Work from anywhere globally
  • Sell to a global audience
  • Scale up with paid advertising
  • Earn 40%+ on digital products

Selling physical products offers a much lower commission rate in most cases. Digital products can be accessed immediately. They can bought and downloaded or accessed via a website without anyone actually being there. Automated systems, technology and software now make online purchasing much simpler and anyone can use this technology with the right training.

Why Are Digital Products So Lucrative?

major second income

If you want a major second income from an online business, digital products are the way to go. With physical products, which you can also sell online, you have more costs. You need to store the products and then post them out. Even if you refer the sales to a third party (who take care of all of this), the costs involved mean you earn less. Digital products have very little cost involved once they are created. The only real costs then is in advertising and hosting of the website.

Membership Products

Membership products offer a much more viable business model with an online business. This is because you earn again and again for a single sale. Selling a ‘one off’ product will only pay you a single commission. You then need more customers. However, if you choose to sell membership products such as ongoing training courses, website hostings, autoresponders and other online software, you earn repeatedly from your initial referral.

High Ticket Items

It’s much harder to earn a major second income online if you choose low value products to promote. Instead choose high ticket items for larger commissions. High ticket items allow you to earn ten times what you would earn with a $100 product, for example. This means you can more easily use paid advertising and scale up your online business.

Multiple Points Of Sale

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Many affiliate marketers sell single items again and again. The product owner then finds a new customer and can benefit from the lifetime sales to that customer. Imagine a DIY store which attracts a new customer. That customer may spend thousands over the next few years in the store. By choosing products which reward you for the lifetime value of a customer, you have multiple ways of earning from a single sale. Other products which your referrals later purchase will reward you with a commission, even when a built in sales team closes the sales.


The scalability which lets you sell products to a global audience via online advertising means you can earn the higher levels of income by following a very simple strategy. Most incomes come from trading time for money. With an internet based business you can use automation and sell products through websites on complete automation. Because of this you can also send an unlimited number of people to a website or through a sales funnel (see done for you sales funnel).

Multi-Tier Sales

major second income

A multi-tier sales program lets you earn from the sales generated from your team. This is much like the network marketing concept where you can build a team of sales people and then earn commissions on their sales and the sales of their teams too.

Finding an online business model which offers all of these benefits will give you the greatest chance to earn a major second income from the internet. It is a real business and does require hard work and sustained effort. It’s no magic pill. However, the business model does include automation and the ability to scale.

Trading time for money is a limited model and will always require you to work for an income. An online business lets you use automation and sell multiple products through websites, emails and sales funnels.

Learn how to use automation and software to sell digital products online instead. Then scale you business and reach a global audience. Start here.

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