Lucrative Low Cost Startup Businesses

Looking for lucrative low cost startup businesses? A few years ago I was searching for a business model which would mean I could work from anywhere with a laptop. Previously I had tried several business ideas including an ebay business. (See how I made money with ebay first starting out) But e-bay wasn’t for me in the end. I had a room full of unsold stock, I spent too much time looking for bargains and at the post office, and I couldn’t easily scale my business model.

lucrative low cost startup businesses

Lucrative Low Cost Startup Businesses – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is different, and eventually my pursuit of the best businesses model led me to it. You may have heard of affiliate marketing before. It is basically promoting other people’s products on the internet. You can earn 50%+ commissions on digital products which require no customer dealings, no stock to be held and you can operate and scale your business from anywhere globally.

I struggled with affiliate marketing until I found the right business model and I made a lot of mistakes along the way. The problem is information overload on the internet. Everyone has some advice no matter how much they actually know. I learned the hard way and tried various strategies online before I found something that works. This took a long time. Don’t make the same mistake!

Lucrative Low Cost Startup Businesses

Most affiliate marketers struggle with traffic. By the time they have figured out how to build landing pages, websites, affiliate links and find the right products they realise that no-one visits their content. They don’t make sales because they don’t get traffic. The key to a successful online business is targeted traffic and the right products. Once you have cracked this formula you can scale globally and sell products largely on autopilot – see autopilot income system.

Targeted Traffic

lucrative low cost startup businesses

There is a difference between website traffic and targeted traffic. Targeted  visits to your website means the people landing on it are looking for products like the ones you are promoting. They are interested in your content and your content relates closely to your products. If, for example you create some content for your website, it should target your perfect customer and meet their needs. Checkout my ebook “Niche Blogging For Profit” for more on this and learn how to write targeted articles and get found  for free on Google.

You can also use paid advertising to target your ideal customers and this is the best way to grow a fast online business from scratch.

The Right Products

lucrative low cost startup businesses

You don’t have anything to sell online? No problem! You can sell other people’s products and services and receive massive income from commissions! Even better news is that this will save you a heap of time in creating your own products and services. Use existing products which are already selling and doing well. I wasted a heap of time trying to create my own products. Only to learn nobody wanted them or I didn’t know how to reach my target audience. Learn how here.

The right products mean a more profitable business model. Selling low value items online can only bring in small commissions. On a £200 item given 50% commissions you earn £100 per sale. Instead, sell high ticket items with monthly memberships. A high ticket item priced at £2000 gives you £1000 per sale plus a monthly commission for members.

In addition choose products which offer up-sells. Up selling is basically selling higher value products to existing customers. Most affiliate companies don’t give their affiliates credit for further sales after the initial sale. Choose products which do, and which have a built in sales team doing the work for you.

Access this 6 series training course which will teach you how to run an online business from scratch and has all the above advantages over a basic affiliate model.

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